Three years on, and I’m still beating the Xanga horse.

Another Xanga post? Again… I hear you not asking because, well, you probably didn’t mumble it when reading my post title. But, regardless, I’m writing another Xanga post. Hey, it’s been a while since the last one.

An observation I had made early on, so early I don’t feel like digging out the link right now, was that with Joel/”Edlives” (Xanga’s “Community Liaison”) working on getting his brainchild website, Autisable, off of the Xanga servers, and make it a completely separate entity from Xanga, that he had a bit of self interest going on with making sure Xanga didn’t just die off and disappear from the face of the earth… that is, until he was able to get his hands on Autisable free and clear.

It’s been nearly 3 months since the Autisable deal was completed on August 6th, or at least, when it was announced as having been completed on the “Official” Xanga Facebook page. Since then, Joel’s not exactly been as forthcoming with the Xanga Updates. Not that there is much to update on considering the Xanga Team has been absolutely silent for well a rather long time now. A matter of years, actually, since their most recent post on February 11, 2015. Now, most Xanga users (all probably six of them outside of Joel himself) do check the Edlives Xanga for updates. Everyone else checks Facebook for updates. Joel himself hasn’t exactly kept up with his own Xanga blog – the last post as I am sitting here right now is from August 31st of this year. Monday, it will be 2 months since he’s posted anything to it.

It’s almost as if, gasp, my observation that once he got what he wanted from Xanga, everyone else can sit and spin. Wow, imagine that.

There is, of course, things to take into account. Such as a new job he got months back, and now he’s got Autisable to run, and he’s a parent to a special needs child (which is something I can easily relate to) so yeah, not updating his Xanga or the FB page outside of a few minor updates – taken into account. But at this time, with how busy his life is, how much he’s got going on now compared to when he became the Community Liaison for Xanga, does he even have time for it now?

The way he currently handles the role, oh absolutely because it doesn’t really entail anything other than being a public face what’s left of the community can come to for information – of which he has absolutely none. And to handle the “omg where’s my blog!” comments on Facebook with a simple “Just email Eugenia” response.

Now, what someone in his position SHOULD do has been stated many times before, but to summarize he’s meant to act on behalf of the community, dying as it is, with the Xanga Team. NOT to just be a buffer of criticism. If he fulfilled the role as it needs to be done, he would not have time for it and all the other, clearly more important things going on in his life.

But… I will say this. It’s awfully suspicious, but completely obvious this was going to be the result, that he’s tapered off using Xanga at all now that his brainchild, Autisable, has been made a reality. It seems as if he’s got no further use for Xanga now, and no need to champion for its survival. In previous posts of his, he admitted that a bulk of the Team’s time and efforts were being spent on HIS project, and was the most likely cause of any delay concerning Xanga proper. One must wonder now in hindsight… had Autisable remained with Xanga, or rather had the process of separation not begun until now, 3 years after Xanga 2.0’s release… would we be seeing the features and the progress 2.0 promised within this time frame? Would all of that time and energy that had been diverted into the Autisable separation been funneled back into Xanga, to actually work on the parent site?

Time, as it has been doing, will tell. Though I would not be surprised to discover my next post on the subject will entail the closure of Xanga in its entirety… now that there’s no reason for anyone to champion it’s continued existence.