Filling Time with Meaning

Monday my son starts his special preschool. It’s also his birthday. Today I did double duty shopping – buying him clothes and a book-bag and various school things as well as birthday shopping. But mostly clothes and school things. (Seriously, he’s needed some new clothes for a bit now after a Winter growth spurt. But we were holding out until my mom’s taxes came in. They came in yesterday morning.)

We’ve already planned for the first week or two while he’s at school to finally get some serious cleaning done with regards to the room at the back end of the house, and rearranging furniture and such to give my son his own room and space.

But after that is done, and I run out of things to do at home to fill those few hours each weekday, I’ve decided to take up flash fiction writing. But first, I need to get the practice in before I turn around and submit my work to any publications. (I know, flash fiction doesn’t pay much, but it’s at least some pocket change here and there to treat myself to something nice. Like yarn, or a new book, etc.) But, I don’t want to post it here on THIS blog, because this is my personal space. Where I write about my personal stuff. My life, my kid, my family, all of that.

My biggest problem with attempting NaNoWriMo last year was time, energy, and commitment to large scale projects. I didn’t have all of the time and energy to spend on it. Though I wanted to. So I’ve decided to work on the smaller scale. Because I do have the time, and will have the energy to spend on small things. To start with, I’m going to practice with a 30 day writing challenge, likely sometime in either April or May. I find that starting on the first day of a month helps to keep these things straight and organized. I’ve got a list of prompts to use to start with, ones taken from multiple “30 day challenge” lists that I think would be fun or interesting to do.

When I do decide to move ahead with it, I’ll also be considering platform as well. Do I create a new blog? If so, what service would best suit my need and situation? Do i want it to go viral or do I want it more subtle and homey? Should I give in and get a Twitter and build up a social media presence for the project? These are all things I need to think about and plan out ahead before I start the project, that way I can focus on the writing and let the rest take care of itself.

Anyway it’s mostly just to get me to fill time each weekday. But whatever comes of it, I hope it entertains people.

Light on the posting lately. Multiple projects.

So I’ve been rather light on the posting lately. I’m finally done with that humongous blanket! The blanket itself is not yet done, but the knitting part of it is. The thing was too large to take a proper photo of, spanning about 5-6 feet across and being 12 feet long. What I’ve decided to do with it is have it folded in half (making it about 5′ or 6′ by 6′) and have it bound together at all the edges. To hold it together near the middle, I’m going to buy large buttons (approximately 1-2 inch diameters) in bright colors and sew them to the blanket, that way it’ll hold the blanket sides together and maintain it’s shape despite being folded in half. I think it’ll look kinda cute, and with the large buttons, we’ll be able to tell what is the top and what is the bottom.

Now that I’ve finished the main part of the blanket project (just 4 days shy of a full month working on it) I’ve started making knitted Tarot bags. I plan on making a lot of them and selling them at the craft fair this fall. Of course, they can be used for more than just Tarot cards. They’re handy for keeping note cards, keepsake letters, nail polish bottles, makeup, etc. in. Once again, for these I’m using all of the left-over yarn from my mom. This time I can use yarns that wouldn’t work well with the blanket project. I may sell some of the bags online if I make enough of them.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to pick up a few of my old writing projects, as I’ve realized it’s been quite a long time between my fanfiction updates. Thankfully I have a few devoted readers who don’t mind re-reading the whole thing every time I post a new chapter, because they actually do enjoy the story. On top of this, I’m also taking some of my older works and trying to re-work them into something new, so there’s that as well.

And while all of THAT is keeping me busy, I’m also waiting for the school system to call me about when we’re going to get my son evaluated and set up for special needs preschool. Apparently he’s in the system at this point, because during the snow days, I got phone calls from our local primary school stating there would be no classes, or that students were leaving early one of the days, and what days they would be making up the missed days and such.

Plus side, I got 10 bonus Papa Points and was able to get a free pizza this month. So it’s been a pretty good month thus far.

I have a list.

I have a list. A list I am not proud of having, but a list nonetheless.

It is a list of names. Names of people whom have been seen to do nefarious things, and have been sketchy at the very least while ruining lives at the very worst.

This list of names includes people I have crossed keyboards with, and people I have not. This list of names includes relatively well known people in the pagan community, and people of little consequence.

This list of names is going to be transformed into a series of blog posts exposing scammers, frauds, and potentially dangerous people.

I didn’t choose to do this lightly. It took a lot of thought. It has been an idea that has been stewing in my head for months, ever since the ACOW2015 situation.

My chosen spiritual path highly values knowledge and information. Knowledge is power, information is the tool. With that tool, one can illuminate Truth in any darkness. Truth, above all, is what we living things strive for. What we wish to achieve. And Truth is different for everyone and everything. Using knowledge and information enables us to become one with the Universe, that which creates us and destroys us. This is my Truth.

That said, at this time I have come to realize that to gather information, and refuse to use it for the betterment of others, is a crime not against my beliefs. It is a crime against human kind. If I know something, if I see or hear something, and my inaction results in someone coming to harm, well I can no longer idly stand by and allow such things to come to pass.

Therefore, I have chosen to use the knowledge I have gained. And unfortunately, this seems to be the subject matter that keeps being placed before me. For months I have tried to actively avoid it when at all possible. But… It keeps getting placed in my path. And in some cases, my silence may have contributed to the outcome. Therefore, I’m going to re-do my Calling Out Assholes idea into a new project. Pagan Community Watch (P.C.W.) where I am to present factual information about people, organizations, scams, frauds, etc. that have a negative impact on the Pagan Communities. I will be using real testimonials from people I am interviewing. I am going to use screenshots, archived links, active links when possible, and as much tangible evidence as I can. I am going to do write-ups in warning against the subjects I write about. And it’s my hope that maybe, just maybe, if causes someone to reconsider calling that sketchy looking coven on Craigslist, or gives them the ability and information they need to stand up against someone in authority who may be attempting to use their beliefs to take advantage of them.

I have a list to start with. A list of people and organizations that I have encountered in the last 6 months, all of which I have seen with my own eyes evidence of wrongdoing and deception from.

I can stay silent no more. I must speak out. I may not have much, but I have a blog. And I know how to use it.