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An excellent read that pretty much sums up my opinions on the whole “Witches Bind Trump” thing going on and around.


I’ve been watching a lot of videos and seeing facebook posts and various responses to the street theatre clusterfuck masquerading as a magical operation: i.e. self-identified witches and pagans trying to hex our President. As a polytheist I want to make it clear I and the majority of my co-religionists have no part in this. […]

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Yes, Witches Hex. – A Ramble.

Firstly, here’s a link from a friend’s blog, where she’s pretty much summed up that yes, Witches can and often do hex.

Moving on, here’s some of my own thoughts on the subject.

Recently there’s been all this hooplah big enough to make it on media sites and news outside the pagan community about a mass hexing of the Stamford Rapist. Within the pagan community however, a BNP (Big Name Pagan) voiced his opinion that you can’t call yourself a witch if you hex. And that he and the other trail blazers in America had been working decades to remove the stigma that we’re all gonna hex people. He went on to say in subsequent rants that his books were not books of witchcraft but books of magick and spells.

…..So, if magick and spells are not witchcraft, are they special attacks and action options in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons&Dragons?

The fact of the matter is, yes he and others in the earl and mid 20th century pushed hard for the sanitation of witchcraft in order to make it more palatable for the bigger religions to swallow. They intentionally tried to declaw the cat so to speak. But the thing is, they weren’t pushing for witchcraft – they were pushing for a religion called Wicca.

In today’s world, many see the terms Wicca and Witchcraft as interchangeable, along with Wiccan and Witch. When I tell people that I’m a Witch, they immediately jump to things about The Rule of Three and the Wiccan Rede (which is a LOT longer than 8 words, but most Wiccans don’t bother to learn that). Usually at that point I have to stop them and explain that no, I am not Wiccan. And then we get into an argument over semantics and I have to go into lengthy explanation that a Witch is someone who practices Witchcraft and can be anyone from a Voudoun to a Wiccan to even some Christians. Whereas Wicca is a religion, and all Wiccans follow it, and not all Wiccans are witches. Usually at that point in the discussion, one or both of us gets annoyed and flounces off in frustration. (A better explanation of this might live on for another more in depth post.)

Anyway, part of this idea that they are interchangeable was due to the fact that in the early 20th century, Wicca was just getting started. Just planting its roots – and its creators had a heavy background in Witchcraft. So much of the practice of witchcraft made it into this new religion. In the mid 20th century is when distinctions began to be made between Wicca and Witchcraft, but much of it was still interchangeable due to the fact that Wicca employed much of the practice within it. It wasn’t until the late 20th century when the general practitioners of both began to realize that they are not one in the same. One merely employs the many of the practices of the other to some extent – limited mostly to basic and fundamental information, and by the time of the late 20th century was pretty much exclusively the “positive” types and tropes of Witchcraft. The occasional hex here and there was re-labeled a “curse” but the idea of “cursing” someone was simply too terrible an idea so the concept of “Karma” was inserted instead. Thus the Wiccan Witch keeps his or her hands clean of sin and the person gets their just desserts. Hence the “Rule of 3” and “The Wiccan Rede”. The RO3 states, in it’s simplest form, whatever you send out will return to you threefold. So under this idea, when “Karma” kicks in it’ll be 3 times worse for the perpetrator. And the Rede, in the most common form states: Do what you will, but harm none. So by letting “Karma” take the wheel, the Wiccan Witch’s conscience is clear because it was out of their hands, and they did not bring harm themselves.


This, in essence, is a load of bullshit. Because that isn’t how Karma works. Allow me to introduce to you the concept of Kalifornia Karma. You know it, I know it, everyone who ever cites Karma as being the reason for something knows it. Kalifornia Karma is named so because it began among the New-Age movement out west, and at the time the fad was most prevalent in, you guessed it! California! (The C is replaced with a K because it looks nice with the K from Karma.) So what is Kalifornia Karma? Well, imagine driving down the highway and someone cuts you off. Then they cut off someone else. And speeds away. Later down the road you see they’ve been pulled over.”Well, that’s what you get for cutting me off.” – Kalifornia Karma is the same as Instant Karma. Cause and effect. Immediate reaction.

The true concept of Karma, however, has nothing to do with that. Imagine that same driver again, and again they cut you off on the highway. Then someone else. They speed off, like before. But this time when you see them again, they have not been pulled over. They have crashed. Assuming the person who died in this imaginary crash was a general asshole, according to the laws of Karma they would be reborn in the next life to make amends for their assholery, or at a lower station of being as punishment for their assholery. Karma is not instant. Karma accrues over a period of a lifetime. It is the sum total of good and bad deeds a soul does. The simplest way to remember this is in the common phrase “What, did I kill a Pope in a past life?” in relation to bad things happening to you. This takes the concept, in it’s simplest form, and essentially states “I am having a lot of bad things happen to me now as punishment for something I did in a past life.”

Now then. Why do I go so deep into Karma and tangent away from the actual topic here? Well, it’s actually completely on topic. See, most those who spoke out against a mass hexing by witches of the Stamford Rapist subscribe to the ideology of Wicca whether they call themselves Wiccans or not.The call for “Let Karma get him!” and “Send love and light to the victims instead!” followed quickly by “Oh be careful! Rule of 3!” and “You’re not a real Witch because you don’t follow the Rede!” all stem from this simplistic view that all witches follow a homogenized standard of rules and policies made up by people who borrowed from older traditions and practices to create their own religion. This is not unheard of as Christianity itself set precedent when it broke away from Judaism. While the main focus of Christianity is indeed Jesus and the New Testament, the Christian Bible and many a sermon and Sunday School lesson includes books and works from the Old Testament. Christianity’s earliest beginnings were as a messianic cult that believed the prophesied messiah had come and it was Jesus of Nazareth. (Yes, I know, overly simplistic. But if I didn’t go simplistic we’d be here forever arguing over semantics. Lets move on, shall we?)

Now then, all of this, just to get down to brass tacks. The terms Witch and Witchcraft were, essentially, co-opted by the religion of Wicca, to the point that the general populace legitimately believes they are one and the same. And wherein the Wiccan practitioners, and indeed some of the BNP trail blazers legitimately believe that you MUST follow the Wiccan faith to be a Witch, but you DO NOT practice the Witchcraft that preceded it.


And yet, even historical evidence points to the fact that witches have been around in some form since the dawn of human belief and spiritual practice. And for all that time, they have been both hexing and blessing. Sometimes in the same breath.

So where do I stand on the mass hexing of the Stamford Rapist? If I had the time and space to set up an altar, I’d do it my damn self. For many of the reasons stated in my friend Boudica’s article I linked above.

In closing – in claiming that true witches do not hex, one is denying our history as witches. They are rewriting what we are, who we are, to fit their sanitized and sterilized view and to fit into a perfectly and neat and “safe” category for the benefit of others outside of our religions and practices. It is, in and of itself, erasure of those who hold to the age old tradition of Witchcraft.

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Hey guys! If you’re in the Central Florida area and into Spiritualism, or would simply like to have a new experience, my friend Dawn is going to be the Guest Speaker at Colby Temple in Cassadaga, FL on the 29th! Go and check her out!

On Wednesday, June 29 th , 2016 7:00pm until 9:00 pm Rev. Dawn Casseday will be the Guest Speaker, offering Spirit Messages at the Colby Temple , 1250 Marion Street in Cassadaga, Fl. Come join Rev. Dawn Casseday for an evening of Spirit Messages from the “Other Side” of the veil. Where Rev. Dawn will be demonstrating Evidential Mediumship. Come join us ! Healing begins just before Message […]

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Video Ramble: Stepping Stones Scandal and Hecatean Coven Scam

Between May 15th and the time I made the below video, I was looking into a woman and her “organization” which she set up with the intent of helping abused women and their children. A very noble cause, and one that I personally support. However, there were so many red flags from the start, and it was very troubling.

All information and documents referenced were found legally and were free to the public. The intent of my video is not to attack or deliberately harm nor was it made in malice. My intent is to warn and inform people at risk of further abuse and harm of a danger within the pagan community for them to avoid if at all possible.

I rarely ever do this, but here’s a warning:

The below video discusses abuse, and abuse of children. Not in great detail – as I did my best to stay away from the details in order to remain objective. If discussion of that nature upsets you, then please skip the video and go to the paragraphs below it where I have tried to spare specifics and provide a general detail of events.

In December of 2015, on Facebook, a woman was accused of scamming people in her coven. This morphed later on into the same woman starting a business with the goal to help abused women and their children. This is a good cause. However, a friend of mine was asked to look over some paperwork and to help advise setting up non-profit organizations – since she has experience with that kind of thing. My friend did not offer, she was approached and asked. My friend read over the Charter that they had at the time, but wanted a second opinion. She gave a copy to me to look over to see if I noticed anything. The Charter appeared very unprofessional – not surprising for people who’ve never written one before – but it also came across as not only poorly written but contradictory of itself repeatedly. So, I told my friend to give me about 2 days. I wanted to look into both the organization/business as well as the people involved. I did not want my friend to get caught up in something that might be shady. At worst I expected to find people who had no clue what they were doing, but were too egotistical to accept it as well as proper help, or people who had no clue and didn’t even know where to begin with getting set up. What I found instead deepened the rabbit hole.

I turned around and brought my concerns to a group of people who though I am not personally friends with, are trustworthy and only seek to help make the community safer, as well as help protect others against scammers, frauds, and outright predators. It was among this group of people that I learned the woman leading this “organization” was also popped for plagiarism not long before this point. So those of us with the time did more digging to see if this was a legitimate group/business or not. They claimed to already be a non-profit yet did not have the paperwork to show for it etc. We documented our findings. In the course of all of this, we discovered the scam from December, and reached out to the women who were the victims. Meanwhile, I and a few others were digging deeper into the people involved.

At this point we had documented evidence of breaking international copyright law, as well as interstate commerce law. Given that the “leader” had no qualms about such activities, it made sense to look and see if she had some kind of record. While she was clean, it came out that her husband was not. This is where the largest red flag of them all came front and center.

See, the woman behind it all was going to be running a women’s abuse shelter out of her home. They would be coming to stay with her. Maybe for a night, maybe for a week. Don’t know. She was actively trying to get someone to come move in with her to help remodel her home and build onto the property for this project. Now, when looking into this woman’s background, she has cited that she was abused before. She did in fact divorce her current husband, and he was at that time housed in the county jail for an unspecified period of time during the divorce. Because he was housed at the jail at the time, and the details showed that she had a restraining order against him during that time, people looked deeper. Thinking that perhaps he was picked up for domestic violence.

What was discovered instead was what made the red flag be the largest in the hill. He had been picked up roughly 2 weeks prior to the start of divorce proceedings for failure to register as a sex offender within 5 days. Generally this is “within 5 days of move” meaning when you move house and you are on the registry, you must notify them and register your new address within a certain amount of time. OR depending on the restrictions placed by the state, every so many months or weeks, one must register their address whether they have moved or not. The restrictions vary from state to state. The fact remains – whatever the circumstance, he failed to follow this rule and was arrested for it.

This would not be of note, had it not been for the fact that 4 years later they reconciled and a year after that remarried. And they have remained married ever since. Fearing that this information may not be accurate, a photograph of the gentleman referenced in the information  was found. It was shown to individuals who have met both him and his wife in person. He was positively identified twice by 2 separate individuals. One whom spent 2 weeks in their home, the other who had both the woman her husband in her own home for a week.

Once again, this would not have been of note, had it not been for the fact that the gentleman would be living under the same roof as a shelter intended for abused women and their children who are seeking safety.

At that point the woman in question turned around and rather than try and explain the situation (perhaps having just the office in her home but perhaps the actual shelter at another location, etc.) she attempted to fake her death. She was, of course, caught out on this because as she was meant to be in the hospital looking death straight in the eyes and waiting for the end to finally come, she was chatting it up like nothing was going on with others.

At that point, the general consensus was made to write up a document and put the word out to avoid her and her organization whenever possible, as she was untrustworthy and had a history of taking advantage of people. Coupled with the fact that her connection to a sex offender could put women who seek shelter with her at risk.

It was after this warning file was created that more information came to light about the gentleman whom will be living under the same roof as the shelter. It was…. it is…. very disturbing. Without going into great detail, the information that was brought to our attention involved the sexual abuse of children, and not just one incident, but incidents confessed to dating all the way back to 1979, some of which had been done while the gentleman was on a tour of duty with one of the US military branches.

It was at this point, when such information came to light, that I decided to do the above video. It was also at that point the woman who had started this “organization” began erasing her tracks. She deleted her coven’s web forum where they posted their assignments/book of shadows, etc. She then “moved” the coven group (which had been turned into a buy/sell/trade group under a different name) by setting it to secret. The Facebook page set up for the “organization” was either shut down and hidden or deleted. (At this time, we do not know which.) – However, the group itself still exists, it is only hidden from view.

All of this started with a poorly written Charter and a friend wanting a second opinion. It morphed into what you see here.

American entitlement, digital radio stations, and holy crap my son likes this music.

Okay, first off – after the whole ACoW debacle this last Feb/March, I met a lot of wonderful people through Facebook, and it has opened my eyes in so many ways to problems within the larger pagan community both domestically here in America, but also worldwide. And lemme tell you, like with the majority of other issues in the world, the American pagan community is very…. polarizing. There’s so many that are like “DOWN WITH THE ELDERS EVERYWHERE! THIS IS A NEW AGE AND I’M GOING TO LEAD IT!” and then there’s the other folk who are like “Yo, in the traditions of X elders are an important and essential part of their practice and belief system. It might not be your cup of tea, but really pull those claws in because it you’re acting like a spoiled child. Go pray to your gods, do what you do, and chill out mate.”

Seriously. And it’s kind of frightening. I know there’s people like this everywhere, but I see more and more of it in the American side of the ponds than anywhere else.

Recently, the digital radio station United Pagan Radio has been the center of some controversy. Anyone who’s been following my blog the last few months would know the link between UPR and ACoW2015 – Specifically a man named Robert Aaron. But for once, this post isn’t about that skeevy man who gives me the willies. That’ll be a post for another day. Maybe not for a long time. It really depends on my mood and if I’m for sharing some stuff I found out or not. Anyway, so – UPR and controversy. Well, over Easter weekend, someone noted on one of their Facebook pages, specifically Witchcraft Tonight, that they had posted a spell that belonged to someone and they didn’t give a name or any form of credit to this person. So what’s a witch to do? Well, run it through a plagiarism checker of course – Just to be sure if the claim of copyright infringement is valid.

Unfortunately, it was valid. Very valid. So other spells from that page were also plugged into multiple checkers, to ensure as accurate a result as possible and to take advantage of not only the internet, but books as well. No less than three were clearly identified as copy and pasted without any sourcing or attribution to the original creator of the content. Anyone following The Wild Hunt would know plagiarism is rampant in the pagan community globally, as they recently published an article on the subject. I won’t go into detail on the article, but feel free to peruse it as you will. Here’s the link directly to it. Well, when this was pointed out to the fine people at UPR, and their station manager/owner Randi Michelle Rayne…. you can imagine the toddler level tantrum. No, that’s insulting to toddlers everywhere… Let’s just say, it was a tantrum of epic levels of spoiled entitlement.

Here is EXACTLY what happened.

I asked people more knowledgeable in copyright law both domestically (America) and internationally what I should do with this information. Consulting numerous texts regarding Fair Use and basic Copyright Law, it was suggested that I contact the copyright holder of the works I had identified as having been posted without giving even a source or even a comment of “We do not know the source of this” type of statement. So that is exactly what I did. I took screencaptures, and I sent them directly to the publisher, along with links to the specific posts in question. I also provided them with the direct link to the radio program’s page stating that I could only positively identify 3, but there may be others so they should take a closer look at the content themselves. This was Saturday.

This morning, Monday, apparently they had. As suddenly there’s a commotion about how “the elders” said they can’t share spells anymore. It was pointed out to the admin of the Witchcraft Today Facebook page that all that simply needed to be done was take five minutes to run the spells through a checker, many of which can be found free to use online (some check just the internet, others check books as well. Google Books is one such free service.), and to provide the source information of the material. Or, alternatively remove them. Additional suggestions included that in future, write their own and post them. The suggestions and comments were all straightforward, and none of them were actually rude or demeaning. Simply stating what to many is common sense and obvious.

Apparently, this was simply too much to ask and the tantrum ensued. Now, there remains one single post that states they will no longer be posting spells to the page. Before this, numerous people were blocked, their actually reasonable comments removed.

This is but one of many numerous problems wherein members of the radio station had been caught out doing something bad, had their hand swatted to reprimand them, and then it’s “all the elders’ faults!” as if blaming someone else for a problem they created in the first place will solve said problems. (To anyone following Gamergate, this behavior should be rather familiar I think.)

This leads me back into that sense of entitlement… I mentioned in past post, a ranty ramble, about UPR’s general disdain for elders of the pagan community at large. Apparently the argument is that elders are holding paganism back. They are actively discouraging people from learning and growing and gaining more knowledge. They refuse to teach anyone about their beliefs, etc.

This is actually not the case. Quite the opposite – elders encourage people to learn and grow and gain more knowledge. But they are not going to just hand it out willy nilly. They’re not going to pass on their teachings and traditions to someone who is unwilling to put in the work required to understand them. If they feel that you are not ready, then no they are not going to give you what you seek. They also acknowledge that everyone’s views and beliefs vary, and theirs is but one of many paths someone can choose.

Let’s use a similar example here.

You walk into the Vatican, walk up to the pope himself, and demand that he give you the secrets of Christianity. You then demand he tell you the secrets of the universe. And then when he tells you he cannot, but will be more than happy to teach you about the Christian faith, their customs and beliefs, you shout that he’s an idiot and nobody needs him, and then start shouting at everyone within earshot that the pope is a fraud.

What do you think is going to happen in this situation?

Let’s use another example.

You walk into the leader of your country’s office. Let’s assume you somehow got past security. You demand that he or she tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your government, how it works, and most of all the top secret information that the general public is not privy to. Let’s assume they don’t call security and have your ass toted off or shot, depending on your country. He or she won’t give you the top secret information because you do not work for them. You are not a member of any agency that is meant to know that information, and it is obvious you are not going to join one. You may get a rudimentary “This is how our government works” statement. Because you did not get what you wanted immediately after demanding it, you then turn around and begin a smear campaign to get your leader removed from office.

What do you think is going to happen next in this situation?

This is EXACTLY what is happening. The people at UPR approach elders in good faith, and when they are told no for any arbitrary reason, out of left field comes yet another rant of a spoiled child about how elders are hoarding information and won’t share.

Elders are not just elders because of their age. If that were the case, then anyone over the age of probably 55 would be considered an elder. They are elders because they have earned the respect that goes with it. They have done their education in their pagan paths, they have put in the work and have turned that work around to aid and help others. To educate others. Not just those they deem “worthy” but those who are respectful and understanding. Those who show a genuine interest in what they do, what they practice, and what they believe.

By bashing elders in the way that they do at UPR, it is actually alienating those who follow traditions and paths in which elders play a key role (I’m looking at you Gardnerians and Alexandrians). By bashing them as strongly as they do, they are not only disrespecting the individuals who fall under that heading from ANY tradition and path, but also disrespecting those who are not elders but follow those traditions. They are repeatedly being called mindless sheep.

Is this the behavior you want in people who seek to be a voice for the pagan community? Are we really going to sit back and let bullies basically take swings in the schoolyard because we don’t agree with them?

The answer to this is rather simple, really. Stop listening to them. Completely. Don’t visit their website(s). Don’t pull their feed in from a third party site. Simply… ignore them. A radio station thrives on listeners. It exists to be heard. It’s entire purpose is to be heard. So… remove its purpose. Starve it to death. Take your patronage elsewhere. If it’s a station big enough to not need to worry about boosting listeners in order to survive, then still don’t listen to it. Don’t subject yourself to something you don’t have to.

I know I certainly won’t. I’ve found a replacement for my pagan radio needs. Many, in fact. And I’m much happier for it.

As a matter of fact, a new and very dear already friend on Facebook shared a link to a new station based, I believe, up in Canada called The Cauldron. She shared it because they were actually playing one of her old songs, and was excited about it. When I clicked the link, they were playing another of her songs. Immediately, my loud and rather fussy son quieted down, relaxed, and then softly started to sing along. This kid ONLY sings along with Spongebob Squarepants or Chuggington. So of course, the page went into my bookmarks.

I was going to write more, but I’ve been battling a WICKED cold or something for over a week now, and my cold meds are like really good right now and I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment.

Anyway, I leave you with this question… Are we entitled to everything we ever ask for without being willing to put in the work?

The story behind this picture might surprise you.

Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

United Pagan Radio…. At the top of this image, there are 6 copy and pasted screen captures from various publicly accessed pages on Facebook. All of these pages are run by Randi Rayne, the owner and operator of United Pagan Radio.

One night in March, there was a “Special broadcast” where a gentleman named Robert Aaron (whom some of you may know from the ACoW2015 scandals) was on the air talking about suicide. Specifically… his own. Many of his statements were NOT as the owner of the station claimed. Many who tuned in, some of which were elders of their pagan communities, some of which actually have degrees in psychology, were treated to a more than 2 hour programme that sounded like it promoted and endorsed suicide. The station owner silenced an elder who had called in with the intent to HELP Mr. Aaron, trying to talk him out of what all who were listening believed was a dramatic live and on air farewell. One woman stayed in the chatroom trying to speak with him until 3 in the morning, trying to also talk him out of what anyone could clearly see he was thinking of doing.

In the aftermath, suddenly a rash of posts across many United Pagan Radio affiliated pages appeared, along with a post on Mr. Robert Aaron’s infamous “The Pagan Truth Hurts” blog, essentially stating that the days of needing elders had passed. That elders were now useless and outdated. A new age of paganism is nigh, and so on, and so on. Anyone who disagrees is silenced. Anyone who does not praise the brave and courageous Robert Aaron is just trying to deliberately cause trouble.

Remember that pagan elder I spoke of, the one who had called in attempting to talk Mr. Aaron out of suicide? Station owner Randi Rayne cut off her call because it was upsetting her. Not because she was making a good point. Not because by not clearly stating anywhere or making it known anywhere during the broadcast that the show was NOT advocating for suicide, but was, as Ms. Rayne days later claimed was for suicide awareness and prevention. None of this. No. Simply the topic was just too much and she couldn’t handle the subject matter… nor the obvious. The broadcast was literally spur of the moment, unplanned and unscripted. And she didn’t like that people who had common sense, and an awareness of human nature, decided “Fuck it. We don’t like him, but we’re going to do our best to talk him out of doing this stupid act!”

No. Instead, the elder was cut off.

And the very next day, the slander began. On half of the pages affiliated with United Pagan Radio, Randi Rayne and Robert Aaron began their viscous attacks on Facebook. Those posts are not included, because they are now mysteriously deleted. Despite claims that people will no longer be censored


Click image to enlarge.

as well as AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF THE UNITED PAGAN RADIO STATION back in January in the wake of Charlie Hebdo,


Click image to enlarge.

people have continued to be silenced and censored. A woman who did not care personally for Robert Aaron took it upon herself to try and reach out to him, to talk him out of suicide, and her act of goodwill and an olive branch were cut down. Because the conversation was NOT going the way Ms. Rayne had expected, and the way Mr. Aaron had wanted.
SO……. This leads me back to the image at the top of this post. After catching a shit ton of flak for the slander and utter disrespect of a relatively well known elder here in the US, the posts collected in that image at the top started to appear. Suddenly, there’s all this new talk about how elders are obsolete and unnecessary.

Thanks, UPR, for COMPLETELY invalidating an entire section of the pagan community that encompasses traditions in which lineage matters (I’m lookin at you Gardnerians and Alexandrians).

Thank you, UPR, for completely disrespecting so many people who are part of the pagan community, and have been part of it since before your creation, since before quite a few of your show hosts were born.

And thank you, UPR, for attempting to form my opinion for me and telling me how to think, what to think, and that my respect for elders who can teach me the ways of the craft is completely misplaced.

Thank you, United Pagan Radio, for showing me that if you scream loud enough, if you use all caps, and if you copy and paste the same statement over and over again it’s a strong and logical point. And that if I disagree with you, I’m simply a mindless sheep.

Thank you for showing me the error of my ways and how much more awesome pagans you are. I mean really, you’re so fucking awesome and I’m just a mindless sheep…. because I can act civil and polite, and can actually ask an elder questions instead of demanding answers from them as if I am entitled to their hard earned knowledge from experience and years of study.

That’s the fucktard kind of Social Justice Warrior thinking that caused me to leave Tumblr. And it’s that kind of thinking that has just lost you a listener for good.

If anyone wants to comment, go for it. I’ll respond to each and every one. If you don’t have a WordPress account, and don’t want to get one just to comment, here’s the link for my contact page.

U Mad?


My inbox is open and waiting.


A new Pagan oriented forum starting up.

Okay, this is a shameless plug for an awesome little forum starting up.

The Uncensored Pagan (you’ll also see a link up in my links bar there, yes, right up there, at the top of my page. That line where you see Home and the like. Click it.)

Anyway, it’s a neat little forum, run by an awesome lady. ALL PAGAN PATHS WELCOME. I cannot stress this enough. If you fall under the pagan umbrella, then join up people. It’s literally like, a week old. Get in while the gettin’s good.

You’ll see me there off and on. I’m Lady Bryan.