Ah, Knitting.

win_20161211_14_56_53_proA few weeks ago, the day before Thanksgiving, I bought a pair of circular knitting needles on Amazon. They finally arrived on Sunday (love you, special USPS Christmas holiday extended package delivery services!). They are size 15US (10mm) and 47″ long tip to tip (120cm). I needed a set that big and so long because I am knitting a blanket for my bed, which is a full-size. I have only made one this size once before, and i was a gift for a friend. Based on how long it took me last time, I’m expecting to work on this for approximately 3 months. This is if I spend 2-4 hours a day on it. Because some days I’ve got a lot to do, I’m trying to put in as much time as I can on it from the start. So far I’ve got about 12 hours pushed into this project already. It’s about 7-8 inches long and is approximately 410 stitches per row.

win_20161214_12_53_43_proI’m sticking with my method of using only scrap yarn from my mom’s old projects, that way again I’m helping her make room for new yarns and colors, and am recycling every scrap possible. Some scraps only last a single row, while others have gone to make 2 inch long stripes.

To practice knitting for this big project, I’d made a few smaller items on a smaller set of circular needles I got from my mom. One of them is multi colored just so I could get used to joining yarns again (it’s been years since my last large scale project with my Doctor Who scarves!).




Things to do (outside of yelling at people online)

Of late I’ve been doing as some other friends have been doing and just avoiding social media. I’ve been on Facebook long enough to communicate with a family friend who wanted to buy a hat from me. And a few others who FB is the only way I have to talk to them. Other than that, I’ve no use for it at the moment. Not until the crazy dies down at least. Same with Tumblr. There is so much more that can be done, and things in life that need tending to in the here and now rather than the hypothetical future. and with my health, I ain’t got time or energy to waste on drama.

So I’ve been spending this time watching some of my favorite Youtube channels (Comics Explained and Comicstorian mostly, with a bit of Thoughty2 mixed in) and knitting up hats to both donate for the holidays (there’s never enough children’s and baby stuff in charity drives locally) and to help build up stock for the craft fair next year.


Lots and LOTS of hats. All of them are toddler/infant hats because that’s the only sized loom I have. Though I plan to save up some money to stock up on an adult sized loom, and some ribbon yarn and cotton to start making some Tarot/Oracle card bags as well.

win_20161117_18_29_29_proI’ve also made a scarf on the knitting loom that I have. It made it first as a flat panel, but it came out far more wide than I had expected, so I folded it in half, sewed up the side turned it inside out and added tassels. I gave it to my husband since the weather’s turning nippy and he doesn’t do well in the cold these days.

For the hats (and the one scarf) that I make, I use scraps left over from my mom’s projects. In this way there is very little waste and it helps make room in her supply for new colors and types of yarn. If the scraps left over after my hats are long enough, I tuck them aside in a baggie for use in other art projects or for more tassels later on.win_20161114_21_41_39_pro

So far in the time I have not been wasting on social media, I have made 9 or so hats and the scarf (which took me 2 days overall, but cutting out time doing other things a grand total of 5 hours or so). And when I finish writing this post, I’ll be loading up a DVD and knitting up one more hat before bed.