Success and Progress!

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been rather busy. And very sick. Usually, you don’t hear people praising the fact they got the flu. But today, I’m rather happy to have gotten it. Not because I enjoy having the flu, far from it. No one LIKES having the flu. The aches and pains, the snot, the coughing, the mucus… Nobody likes feeling like crud.

But I’m happy to have gotten the flu from a school last week. Because last week my son went in for his Special-Ed Pre-K evaluation. It would have all been done in one visit, but we had to go back at the end of the week to finish due to scheduling difficulties all around. And people getting sick with the flu. My son and I both caught it at the first appointment. So at least we know when and where we were exposed. My whole house came down with the flu last week and over the weekend.

today I went in for a meeting at the school with the PT, OT, school psychiatrist, special-ed department head, head school counselor, speech therapist, and of course the woman who would be my son’s teacher.

I am proud to say we managed to get him into the program! He starts on his birthday, the 27th, which is also a Monday. I’ll be taking him myself because 1) we live so close to the school it literally only takes me 5 minutes to get there or back; 2) he doesn’t handle stairs too confidently yet, and school bus steps are too huge for him right now (the PT and OT both agree with this) so when he masters stairs, he’ll be ready for the bus.

After so much worry and fighting to get him a diagnosis from a doctor I can actually get him to, he’s finally in. And as luck would have it, he got in even without an “official” diagnosis. And it’s in his files/notes that he’ll get a proper diagnosis when he’s closer to 5 because of the difficulties in finding a doctor that will diagnose a 3 year old for autism, add/adhd, ocd, and all the other assorted tendencies and issues he’s got/possibly has. However, after testing him themselves to the best they could given his cooperation issues, they are confident he’ll get a diagnosis on the higher functioning end of the spectrum (and since he CAN make eye contact with those he has become comfortable with or have formed a bond of some kind with, they are confident that the diagnosis will likely be Pervasive Developmental Disorder [PDD] which is what his father has as well). All in all, this is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and my son will definitely benefit from this. It’ll help in ways we are limited in or are not equipped to handle on our own.

And most of all, I really like the team that’s going to be working with him, and after going over their individual methods and techniques this morning, I’m excited to get to work with them for him.

At the same time, I feel old. As all parents do when their child starts school. My child is starting a bit earlier than most, and having just had my 30th birthday it’s a bit much. So I’m rather emotional at the moment. Both in a “I’m getting old!” way, but also in a proud way. Because my son’s growing up and going to be starting school at the end of the month. He’ll have the opportunity to make friends with kids his age, and hopefully get his communication issues sorted so we can finally start understanding him when he speaks to us. I like the school itself as well. They’re very up front about things, to the parents at least, and are more than willing to help you out and explain things easier if you don’t understand. They are really kind. That’s what I like to see out of school employees. It makes for a good atmosphere, and I do genuinely feel safe leaving him there for a few hours each day 5 days a week.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks. Being sick and dealing with that have stressed me out to near exhaustion. Now all that’s left is I pick up a few documents, fill out some paperwork, and get him a brand new backpack for school.