The Workshop is Just the Beginning

I don’t normally do this kind of thing, but I’m gonna do a plug. This is for my husband, who’s trying to start a business.

The Workshop is Just the Beginning.

My husband makes costumes and prop replicas using Pepakura, a paper based model building method. The pieces are then fiber-glassed and ultimately he’s going to paint them. The majority of the base materials he uses are recycled (pizza boxes, old printer paper, etc.), right down to various electronic components. Unfortunately, space is limited where we live for him to properly do his work. (He is literally working out of our hallway and bedroom at this time).

The costumes and prop building, however, is just the start. What he has learned, and will continue learning, during the process will ultimately be put to use for making things such as protective body armor for police, assisted living technologies (such as home automation systems), as well as hybrid vehicle design. This entire process is part of his development of rehabilitative programs for those with disabilities (of which he is first testing this out on himself so that he may refine it for presentation to the State of Georgia as a solid rehabilitation methodology to aid those who wish to get off of disability and financially support themselves).

I will periodically post updates on the status of his projects, and the status of the fundraiser for anyone interested. I’ll be putting a blurb on the sidebar about it as well for anyone who wishes to donate.

This post will also remain as a sticky post for a week, just to make sure it’s seen.

To all my followers, thanks for putting up with me, and I won’t love you guys any less if you don’t donate.

For more information on this fundraiser, click here. You will be redirected to my husband’s GoFundMe page, where you can find additional details. He has just made the page in the last few days, and I’ll be helping him to refine the details and make it much clearer to understand. (He can be a bit wordy!)