The Terrible Neighbors…. The Conclusion.

It is with deep regret that i inform you, readers, that I will no longer tell tales of my asshole neighbor named Eddie. I found out from my landlord today that he died on Tuesday.

For months now, it’s been relatively quiet over there. This past month, not a single decibel high enough to rattle my windows and vibrate my house came from across the street.

Under normal circumstances, I’ll be honest, I’d be hootin and hollerin my joy at never having to experience that particular brand of harassment, intimidation, and verbal abuse again. Yes, I know, he’s someone’s family.

It is for that reason I am even sitting down to write this today… because it’s his family that seems odd.

So we’ve been watching them across the street. And you’d never know that the man died from the way they’ve been acting. Indeed, we knew something had happened, as there were many emergency response vehicles parked on our street and in our back yard on Sunday. I only remember that because I’d gone out with my husband on Saturday to have date day.

Anyway, so yeah. Everyone across the street actually seems more…. relieved than bereaved. It’s a little odd. However, I was able to find out from my landlord (who is the same as their landlord across the street) that the man’s mother, Inez, is relieved not to have him around anymore. She’s sad, of course. I mean, he was her son. Her child. But according to my landlord, when she saw her, she was significantly brighter. Happier, even, than she’s seen her in 3 years (Eddie moved in with her 3 years ago).  I suppose we might just be watching an entire family masking their grief until the weekend, as life does continue on despite personal losses. Bills still have to be paid, groceries still have to be bought, lives still have to be lived.

At any rate, this seems to be the end of the Asshole Neighbors saga… well, at least this chapter of it. We’ve got some others that could use a closer looking at (Lookin at you, robo-tripper from the Boys and Girl’s Club! and you, too, BBQ pit with the drum set guy!) but unless they get outta line, this is pretty much it.

While I’m joining the others in our neighborhood in the sheer relief that finally, FINALLY we’re going to have peace and quiet around here now (well, except for the drum set guy and the robo-tripper, but they’re not all that active and terrible) it’s sad that the price paid for some decent quiet was a human life.

The family is receiving visitors today at the funeral home between 6 and 8pm today. Tomorrow they’re having the service, and my neighbor will be buried in a local cemetery. Again, despite the fact I’m happy he’s gone, I’m sorry he’s gone in the manner of which he’s gone. I would have much preferred that he move away instead.

So This Just Happened.

Praise whatever gods may be listening and had answered my desperate pleas. Because people, ain’t gonna be no party party tonight! Just as my neighbor turned on his stereo about, oh, maybe 20 minutes ago now, THE POWER WENT OUT.

It’s kind of funny, really. So it started, as I said, when my Terrible Neighbor turned on his stereo and jacked that thing up so loud my windows started to rattle. It wasn’t on but maybe 5 minutes before BAM! The first explosion. Power flickers. Then a few seconds later BAM! Second explosion. Power flickers.

Image found using Google Image Search.

Gif found using Google Image Search.

Except… His power didn’t flicker. His power flat out went out. Hubby went out to investigate, and wouldn’t you know it, the entire side of the street, and the entire block in fact on that side of the street, the power is out. Not one, but TWO transformers blew out. I do feel bad for anyone over in that area that desperately needs their power on (for oxygen and other health and life related needs. Not everyone can afford to get and hang onto a backup generator, nor a backup oxygen tank/system. I should know, my gran had a hard time hanging onto her’s for when the power went out). But that doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely pissing myself in laughter. See, the thing is, with the exception of about 4-5 people, ALL of Eddie’s friends live in that one little area that’s currently without power. The routine goes that when they can’t party and play their music all night at Eddie’s, they migrate to the next person’s house. And they make the rounds like that. Each with a louder sound system than the last. (They made it back around to Eddie’s ONCE – and that was only because cops showed up more than once at the last guy’s house, and his mega-bass sound system was confiscated due to it being stolen out of someone’s car. At the time, that system could be heard about 3 blocks away at full volume).

So, there shall be no party over there anywhere at all tonight. Thank the gods for that.

The mystery of why the transformers exploded was revealed on our local police scanner. A massive tree had fallen way up yonder on the hill down at the dead end. According to the officer that was called out here, who found the tree, it doesn’t look like it was cut. Doesn’t look like it was rotting or anything wrong with it. His own words were “Looks like somebody jus’ ripped this sucker up an’ dropped it in the road.”

So again, thank whatever gods heard my desperate pleas and silenced that infernal bass. At least for tonight.

The Terrible Neighbors V. The City

Once again, I shall tell ye a tale of mine Terrible Neighbors. In this instance, they did nothing to me, but rather something I find greatly amusing happened to them. Specifically, the Asshole known in my blogs and by name on the street as Eddie.

Yesterday, as I am doing laundry in my kitchen, for that is where we have our washing machine and drying rack, I stopped to get a glass of water. As I’m standing there, waiting for my glass to fill up I look out the window. The road, I see, is blocked off. Not unusual, as Eddie’s friends frequently block the street since we routinely run them off of our property when they decided to park on it.

So there’s this big black truck, you know the type – the big Ford trucks with the massive diesel engines. It is parked in front of his house. On it’s back is a large enclosed trailer, blocking half of his rather wide driveway.  Behind it is parked another, similar truck. This one a massive white Chevy, also diesel engine. It blockades the remainder of the driveway.

Eddie’s house is but one of 3 that sit on the lot across the street. One of 3 that use that driveway. The three houses sit in a row, one behind the other.

Well, yesterday my dear friends, a City worker came out. I know not for what reason, but when I had looked out my window, I saw him walking from his truck parked across the Other Street (my house sits on a corner) where there is an empty lot. I drank my water and I watched as the man navigated around the vehicles, and went to the first house to knock on the door. No answer. So he walked to the next house, and here he got an answer.

I turned away for a few moments to attend to more of my laundry, not wanting it to mold and mildew in the heat before I could hang it up to dry beneath my ceiling fans. Then I heard a brief shout from outside.

I returned to my sink, refilled my glass, and drank my water as I watched Eddie participating in a shouting match with the man from the City. The City worker kept pointing at the vehicles in the road. Then at Eddie’s truck, parked awkwardly and blocking the middle house across the street completely. Apparently, the worker needed to get into the driveway, and Eddie’s truck was parked in the exact spot the worker needed to get to. Eddie refused to move his truck. His friends refused to move their trucks.

So the City worker pulled out a pen and some pad, scribbled on it and threw the paper at him. Then he turned to leave. Eddie, not to be dismissed, started to follow him. However, he stopped when he saw me standing in the window watching the entire scene unfold. The City man, however, kept walking. He pulled out his phone and was quite angry. Then, he got into his truck across the Other Street from my house and sped off.

Since then, things have been quiet not across the road. But I’ll tell you this, I’ve seen more cops patrolling this street in the last 24 hours than I have since we moved in.

Another installment of the terrible neighbors saga…

I’m going to have to retroactively tag and create a category for this subject I think, since it comes up A LOT here on the old bloggy blog.

Anyway, this is a rather amusing turn of events. See, it all starts with a toilet.

Yesterday, I went to go “do my business” and everything was perfectly fine, until the floor started to give way and, well, the toilet and I started to tumble over. So, since I had to run errands yesterday anyway, I stopped by my landlord’s office to let them know we needed someone out at the house to fix the floor.

Today, the 3 man crew arrive and get right to work. Power tools a-chuggin. This was at 10-ish in the morning. Now here’s where the neighbors come in…

See, he doesn’t like getting up if he doesn’t have to before 1PM. When his car is still in the driveway at 10AM, it means he doesn’t have to leave the house that day. Today… the car was still there. And guess who got woken up and then proceeded to blast his music in protest.


Aww…. did the neighbors wake you up being all loud and noisy, Eddie? Are you really pissed because someone disturbed your hangover sleep?

Nice to be on the other end of the equation for a change. Not like he’ll have learned his lesson (the man never does), but hey, at least today I can giggle at the fact that turn about is fair play.