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Okay, this is a shameless plug for an awesome little forum starting up.

The Uncensored Pagan (you’ll also see a link up in my links bar there, yes, right up there, at the top of my page. That line where you see Home and the like. Click it.)

Anyway, it’s a neat little forum, run by an awesome lady. ALL PAGAN PATHS WELCOME. I cannot stress this enough. If you fall under the pagan umbrella, then join up people. It’s literally like, a week old. Get in while the gettin’s good.

You’ll see me there off and on. I’m Lady Bryan.

Pagan stuff: Tarot: Pros V. Cons

I literally created this spread on the fly for a guy on Facebook. It’s based on a very similar, but slightly more detailed spread I use for myself. Feel free to share this, as it’s one I do not mind getting around. If you do though, point people back to me since, y’know, it’s the polite thing to do and all. Now then… ON TO THE SPREAD!

So – You’ve done your tarot, and find yourself with another problem. You don’t know which option/choice to take. Both sound equally good/bad – and that’s part of the problem. Often we focus solely on the pro OR the con of a choice. Bias gets in the way. So, try this next time you have multiple choice options.

  • proconpicSignifier – choose a card to represent the choice/option you wish to take a closer look at.
  • Pro 1 – This is one benefit of the choice/option.
  • Pro 2 – This is another benefit.
  • Further Explain of Pros – exactly what it says on the tin. This is basically a summary of the pros for the decision.
  • Con 1 – This is one downside to the choice/option.
  • Con 2 – Another downside.
  • Further Explain of Cons – Exactly what it says on the tin. This is basically a summary of the cons.

There – this should help with trying to look at the whole picture rather than specifically for the good OR the bad.

Note: Read all reversed cards in this spread as causing difficulty, but not as the opposite of the card meaning or a negative aspect. Simply – a potential roadblock or difficulty in attaining it.

Tech Vibration Pagans and the Hazards of Internet Trolls

It doesn’t matter which path you walk. Which faith you cloak yourself in. We all believe in energy, and it’s power over our lives. Be it that unknowable “call to service” so often found in Christianity, the literal concept of energy and how it is responsible for the creation and destruction of all matter in the universe (energy can never be lost, nor destroyed, only transformed into another form, or some such explanation), or the vibes pagans get from simply being in a room with someone even for the first time. It’s all energy, and we all feel it. We can call it different names, but that’s what it is.

Among pagans, I have found there are fundamentally two schools of thought. Traditional and Modern. It is not bound by the particular pantheon you observe or don’t observe. It is simply a matter of approach. Traditionalists do things the Old Way, or as close to the Old Way as possible. Modern pagans, also called New Agers and Neo-Pagans, take what traditionalists view as the “easy” and “less effective” approach. These schools of thought range from methods of practice to making versus buying supplies and tools.

Myself, I have no problem stating proudly and clearly that I am a Modern methodology person. My energies are very much in tune with the modern world, so much so that my personal vibrational energies are in tune with the technology and electric appliances of the modern world. There are pros and cons, and I’ll be the first to complain when my computer goes into what I call “static” mode (or crash for no explainable reason that any computer repair shop can find). Often I can tell that I am not grounded by the fact that my computer will start messing up at the same time as the television, DVD player, the gaming systems, and the radio will suddenly pick up nothing but static. That is, until I leave the room (or in some cases, leave the electronics section of Walmart and hide in the bathroom or the grocery side of the store). This is but one of many occupational hazards of being a tech vibration pagan.

Briefly, a tech vibration pagan is just that, their vibrations naturally tune into technology. It very often happens without our notice at first. We could simply be in the kitchen doing a simple spell that we’ve done dozens of times before. All with the same effect. However, in this instance, we happen to have the microwave going at the same time. Maybe we’re hungry or want some tea or something. Well, while the microwave is off microwaving away a few feet to our left, we do our spell-work. SURPRISE! The result is not the same as it has been. It’s faster results, or far stronger effect than we had anticipated. Now, we often don’t realize this is happening at first. Not until it’s happened a few times in different situations. Some figure it out on their own, and then begin doing regular ritual work or spell-work or any energy work near or with the aid of technology. It becomes simply another tool to use, and often acts as a booster to our natural abilities.

Energy does not know good from evil. It does not know light and dark. Energy is energy and can be used to any end. So what then, does a person who identifies as a tech vibration pagan do when they encounter hazards on the internet, most commonly Trolls?

Trolls affect tech vibration pagans differently than the average person who surfs the waves of energy called the internet. While a normal person may become irate, annoyed, disgusted, or downright bored with a troll, they can simply block them. Or remove them from a group. However tech vibration pagans can’t do that. Sure, we can block them, ignore them, what have you, but once the connection is made, it remains until the issue is resolved. For better or for worse. For us, technology is a natural extension of the self, of our energy. Once a troll is engaged, even accidentally, the feeding process begins. Internet trolls thrive on chaos, destruction, and disorder. “Anything for the lulz” so to speak.

Tech vibration pagans also tend to be natural magnets for psychic vampires. More so than most other types of pagans. I think, and this is simply my own personal hypothesis, that it is due mostly to the fact that our energies are in tune with so much of the physical world, i.e. the technology that surrounds us all. Psychic vampires subconsciously flock to the biggest meal in a room. If you and three other friends are standing in a room near a cash register, the psychic vamp is going to go for the one who’s vibration matches the cash register. Why? Because even that cash register, as small as it may be, creates a larger source of energy. The larger the source, the more food for the vampire. Why fill up on small fish when there’s a whale in front of you?

Now, I am not saying that all internet trolls are psychic vampires. If that were the case, either everyone or no one would feel their effects, depending on if they too are in tune with technology’s vibrations. However, I am saying that in the majority of encounters tech vibration pagans come away from them having the same after effects as if encountering psychic vampires in the real world.

What can we do to protect ourselves? The obvious answers shouldn’t need to be said, but I will do so regardless. Block, delete, hide, anything that can be done through whatever app, website, or forum that can be done. Now then, because it affects tech vibration pagans more than a simple angry and strongly worded reply sort of way, we must take things a step further. Internet trolls have the same effects on us as psychic vampires, therefore we battle the problem in the same manner we would use for the vampires. Energy work is the obvious solution here. Once encountered, do the normal blocking routine, and also immediately raise your shields. Begin re-grounding yourself immediately. The energy connection was made, yes, but now it’s time to put up the walls and bubbles, sever the connection, and send the hooks back from whence they came. This is the point when you would enact your emergency psychic vampire protocols.

Knowing what to do when the time comes is all well and good. However, internet trolls are a hazard of the digital world that does not discriminate. It attacks all with equal venom and negativity. Defensive maneuvers are just that, defensive. For the tech vibration pagan, just checking our e-mail can be a hazard. So, how to we take the proactive approach to the hazards of the internet, especially those pesky trolls?

Here’s a simple tip, learned the hard way, to help those of you who identify as a tech vibration pagan.

Before going online, already have your basic protections in place. Have your shields up. This does not mean you should approach all discussions and posts and messages as a potential enemy. Think of it as your early warning system. The majority of people you come into contact with online are harmless. They’re just there to talk, hang out, or gossip about the latest Marvel film. However, because of the way we interact with trolls via the energy of the technology, once the “dark side of the force” enters the arena, you’ll feel your shields take the hit instead. This is the alert that you need to quickly analyze the situation, identify the threat, and then take the steps you feel are appropriate. Your preemptive shielding and protections provides you with a buffer against the harmful side effects of the trolls, but does not negatively impact your interactions with everyone else. With a buffer, it buys you time to sort out what you need to do on a case by case basis.

I hope this has helped someone, somewhere. Or at least taught you something new.

Norito Book of Prayers

During my time working in Cassadaga, there came a book into the shop titled Norito: A Translation of the Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers. Of course, after skimming through it and discovering it’s a book of Shinto prayers translated into English, I snatched it up and bought it then and there with what was left of my paycheck. Gas money be damned.

Asian mythology and spirituality has always interested me since my days in middle school. I collected all manner of books that would even have one sentence on the subject. So when this came across the counter after opening a new shipment of books and merchandise, I knew I had to have it. Especially since information regarding Shinto from the pre-Buddhism merger period is actually quite sparse.

This book has been a source of comfort, wisdom, and education in my years since I have acquired it. I would like to share one of my personal favorite prayers from this book. In English, of course.

XXIII. Ituki-no-hime-miko wo Ire-maturu toki
(Grand Shrine of Ise: When the High Priestess Assumes Her Office)

After finishing speaking the words for presenting the offerings of the Divine First Fruits Banquet, the following is said:

I humbly speak in special words:
The Consecrated Princess (1) now being presented, has been,   According to the ancient custom,
Blessed and purified for three years
And designated as your handmaiden
With the prayer that you do grant that the Sovreign Grandchild (2) may abide tranquilly and peacefully
Together with the heaven and earth, with the sun and moon,
Eternal and unmoving.
The great command to present her as your handmaiden
Is relayed as an intermediary
By the great Nakatomi (3),
As if grasping an awsome spear in the middle,
And fearfully and reverently spoken.       Thus I humbly speak.


(1) Consecrated Princess – one of the classifications of Priestess; Ituki-no-hime-miko: A virgin princess of the blood selected to serve as the High Priestess of the Grand Shrine of Ise. Her term in office lasted as long as the emperor’s reign, and she retired at the end of his reign. She was purified by special rites for 3 years before going to assume her office.

(2) Sovereign Grandchild – a term referring to the Emperor; originally applied to the god Hiko-ho-no-ninigi-no-mikoto, the ancestor of the Imperial House. Emphasizes the lineal descendancy of the Emperor from his ancestors the Heavenly Deities.

(3) Nakatomi – an ancient family claiming descent from the deity Ame-no-ko-yane-no-mikoto, which served the Yamato Court in a priestly capacity together with the rival Imibe family. Their duties were to recite the norito. The Great Nakatomi (Oho-Nakatomi) evidently refers to the member of the family who officiated at ritual functions; thus it was no doubt the name of an office held by a single individual of the family rather than a family title.

EXCERPT SOURCE: NORITO: A Translation of the Ancient Japanese Ritual Prayers by Donald L. Philippi. “The Grand Shrine of Ise: When the Grand Priestess Assumes Her Office”, pg. 66.

You can buy the book on Amazon for around $30US – New. There are both new and used copies available.

You may also buy it direct from the publisher, Princeton University Press, for $32.95 + Shipping.

Pagan Stuff: Spells: Binding to End Rumours and Bring Clarity

I don’t normally share my spells I’ve created, but this one is rather effective.

Set up as you normally would for a typical  binding spell. Each person does it differently. Typically there’s something to represent the person/people you are directing the spell at. The purpose of this spell is to cause those it is used on to STOP projecting their negative energies on others, and causing others to deal with their crap. It’s also to help end rumours spread by the person resulting in slanderous accusations. It helps confine the effects of a person’s addictions to themselves and lessen the effects of them on those around them. It also causes the person to deal with their own issues instead of, again, projecting them onto others. The spell can ONLY be undone by the person it’s put on, and they need not have knowledge that it was put on them to undo it. (I know, various people on their own paths and from different traditions will see this as an ethics problem while others will not have a problem with it at all. My personal philosophy is that if it does not directly change or alter a person’s free will, then do what must be done. This spell does not prevent the person from trying to inflict their negative energies, but it DOES make them deal with the consequences when normally, the results of their projecting tend to help them evade the consequences. Think of it as putting a bubble around someone. They can still do whatever they want inside the bubble, but the things they do will directly affect them with little to no effect on others.) It can only be undone when the person it’s put on has “paid the price” (The “price” I speak of is, but not limited to: having to deal with the consequences of their actions, seen the error of their ways, ceased projecting their issues on others, stopped spreading rumours, have started recovery for their addictions, have started the healing/self forgiveness process, etc.)

Anyway, enough rambling. Once you’ve done your normal set up, have your object, focal point, whatever it is you’ve got, in place circle cast, here is the spell to use in place of your normal binding spell:

Shadow, Light; Fire, Ice
Bind this burden on this night.

Fire, Ice; Shadow, Light
Keep it bound till paid this price:

Lessons learned and gossip ended,
Life renewed, addictions ended,
Learn to see with unclouded sight,
And see the wrongs to make them right.

Fire, Ice; Shadow, Light
Paid in FULL must be this price.
To undo the bind done on this night

Blessed be to all who hear
Now let us be done and this space clear.

WORD OF WARNING!!!!! – Do NOT use this on a psychic vampire. The results are disastrous (as often they do not realize what they are) and it causes them to slip into a self destructive sort of cycle (nobody wants that) because psychic vamps, in my experience, tend to feed off negative energy. It literally makes them feed off their own energies, and will lock them into a permanent binding, since the only way to remove it is for them to deal with their crud, and psychic vamps WON’T.

TIPS: For a stronger effect, use dragons blood in some form, as it acts as a natural booster to any magical working. Plus, I composed this with the aid of my guides, all of whom are dragons. So, if you’ve got a dragon or two hanging around, this is a perfect spell to use with them. Since some find the idea of this particular spell “questionable” in the morally gray area, I suggest doing this on the night of the new moon, or close to it.

30 Day Tarot Challenge: #30

LAST QUESTION YAY! It’s finally done! This was rather fun, despite the missed days, the catch up posts with multiple questions answered, and the shortcut I took by doing #21-30 ahead and scheduling the posts to post themselves. So, for one final time, if you’d like to take part in the challenge yourself, then check out this post by Calamity where she has posted the questions for everyone to see and answer.

#30 (the last one): Do you practice any other forms of divination? If so, what is it, and do you use them alongside the Tarot as to gain more insight or as something separate entirely?

Yes, but not regularly, and no I do not use them alongside the Tarot with the exception of Oracle cards.

I also use a pendulum for quick and dirty answers.

I-Ching for deeper meaning and serious inner conflict resolution, as well as inner reflection and some darn tootin good advice. (I cheat with this, as I’ve got a deck of cards with everything printed on it, and I just toss my coins and then look for the appropriate card.)

Occasionally I get the urge to attempt runes again, but not often. And I fail miserably at it. But I do try and try again, just not with frequency.

Automatic writing/drawing. Usually I do not realize I’ve done it until I’m finished and do the proofreading of my text or I go to set my paintings to dry. It’s kind of annoying to be reading a chapter of my fanfic I’m writing and then have messages from my guides that have nothing to do with the plot sort of jump out at me in the form of an outline so that I can easily find it in the wall of text on my screen.

Well folks, that wraps it up for the 30 Day Tarot Challenge! It was fun, so I might do another 30 Day Challenge at some point.

30 Day Tarot Challenge: #29

We’re nearly there! Only one day left after this! If you want to answer the challenge questions, then you’ll find them in this post on Calamity’s blog!

#29: Do you have a Tarot mentor?

Real life people mentors? Nope. Books?….. Yes. I used to have a copy of The Tarot Bible, which was the single most useful book on the subject I have ever owned and have ever read. I mainly have books around for quick reference, and occasional study tools. But really, I’m pretty much self taught and have picked up tips and strategies to try and implement along the way from a variety of people I’ve met in my life. My guides help, of course, but they do not take the mentor role when it comes to tarot and oracle, or any divination method I use.