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Hello to all! If anyone’s going to be in The Villages/Lady Lakes, Florida area this weekend, go check out my good friend Rev. Dawn Casseday! She is an amazing woman, damn good at what she does, and trust me you won’t regret it. Hell, check out the entire Expo while your there!

Rev. Dawn Casseday will be offering reading’s at the Parapsychology Expo in the Villages on Saturday October 29 th , 2016 from 9 am until 4 pm. The Metaphysical Expo is located at 1526 Buena Vista Blvd Lady Lakes, Florida 32162 ( The Villages) . There will be many activities including Reader’s, Speaker’s, Healer’s, and […]

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Yes, Witches Hex. – A Ramble.

Firstly, here’s a link from a friend’s blog, where she’s pretty much summed up that yes, Witches can and often do hex.

Moving on, here’s some of my own thoughts on the subject.

Recently there’s been all this hooplah big enough to make it on media sites and news outside the pagan community about a mass hexing of the Stamford Rapist. Within the pagan community however, a BNP (Big Name Pagan) voiced his opinion that you can’t call yourself a witch if you hex. And that he and the other trail blazers in America had been working decades to remove the stigma that we’re all gonna hex people. He went on to say in subsequent rants that his books were not books of witchcraft but books of magick and spells.

…..So, if magick and spells are not witchcraft, are they special attacks and action options in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons&Dragons?

The fact of the matter is, yes he and others in the earl and mid 20th century pushed hard for the sanitation of witchcraft in order to make it more palatable for the bigger religions to swallow. They intentionally tried to declaw the cat so to speak. But the thing is, they weren’t pushing for witchcraft – they were pushing for a religion called Wicca.

In today’s world, many see the terms Wicca and Witchcraft as interchangeable, along with Wiccan and Witch. When I tell people that I’m a Witch, they immediately jump to things about The Rule of Three and the Wiccan Rede (which is a LOT longer than 8 words, but most Wiccans don’t bother to learn that). Usually at that point I have to stop them and explain that no, I am not Wiccan. And then we get into an argument over semantics and I have to go into lengthy explanation that a Witch is someone who practices Witchcraft and can be anyone from a Voudoun to a Wiccan to even some Christians. Whereas Wicca is a religion, and all Wiccans follow it, and not all Wiccans are witches. Usually at that point in the discussion, one or both of us gets annoyed and flounces off in frustration. (A better explanation of this might live on for another more in depth post.)

Anyway, part of this idea that they are interchangeable was due to the fact that in the early 20th century, Wicca was just getting started. Just planting its roots – and its creators had a heavy background in Witchcraft. So much of the practice of witchcraft made it into this new religion. In the mid 20th century is when distinctions began to be made between Wicca and Witchcraft, but much of it was still interchangeable due to the fact that Wicca employed much of the practice within it. It wasn’t until the late 20th century when the general practitioners of both began to realize that they are not one in the same. One merely employs the many of the practices of the other to some extent – limited mostly to basic and fundamental information, and by the time of the late 20th century was pretty much exclusively the “positive” types and tropes of Witchcraft. The occasional hex here and there was re-labeled a “curse” but the idea of “cursing” someone was simply too terrible an idea so the concept of “Karma” was inserted instead. Thus the Wiccan Witch keeps his or her hands clean of sin and the person gets their just desserts. Hence the “Rule of 3” and “The Wiccan Rede”. The RO3 states, in it’s simplest form, whatever you send out will return to you threefold. So under this idea, when “Karma” kicks in it’ll be 3 times worse for the perpetrator. And the Rede, in the most common form states: Do what you will, but harm none. So by letting “Karma” take the wheel, the Wiccan Witch’s conscience is clear because it was out of their hands, and they did not bring harm themselves.


This, in essence, is a load of bullshit. Because that isn’t how Karma works. Allow me to introduce to you the concept of Kalifornia Karma. You know it, I know it, everyone who ever cites Karma as being the reason for something knows it. Kalifornia Karma is named so because it began among the New-Age movement out west, and at the time the fad was most prevalent in, you guessed it! California! (The C is replaced with a K because it looks nice with the K from Karma.) So what is Kalifornia Karma? Well, imagine driving down the highway and someone cuts you off. Then they cut off someone else. And speeds away. Later down the road you see they’ve been pulled over.”Well, that’s what you get for cutting me off.” – Kalifornia Karma is the same as Instant Karma. Cause and effect. Immediate reaction.

The true concept of Karma, however, has nothing to do with that. Imagine that same driver again, and again they cut you off on the highway. Then someone else. They speed off, like before. But this time when you see them again, they have not been pulled over. They have crashed. Assuming the person who died in this imaginary crash was a general asshole, according to the laws of Karma they would be reborn in the next life to make amends for their assholery, or at a lower station of being as punishment for their assholery. Karma is not instant. Karma accrues over a period of a lifetime. It is the sum total of good and bad deeds a soul does. The simplest way to remember this is in the common phrase “What, did I kill a Pope in a past life?” in relation to bad things happening to you. This takes the concept, in it’s simplest form, and essentially states “I am having a lot of bad things happen to me now as punishment for something I did in a past life.”

Now then. Why do I go so deep into Karma and tangent away from the actual topic here? Well, it’s actually completely on topic. See, most those who spoke out against a mass hexing by witches of the Stamford Rapist subscribe to the ideology of Wicca whether they call themselves Wiccans or not.The call for “Let Karma get him!” and “Send love and light to the victims instead!” followed quickly by “Oh be careful! Rule of 3!” and “You’re not a real Witch because you don’t follow the Rede!” all stem from this simplistic view that all witches follow a homogenized standard of rules and policies made up by people who borrowed from older traditions and practices to create their own religion. This is not unheard of as Christianity itself set precedent when it broke away from Judaism. While the main focus of Christianity is indeed Jesus and the New Testament, the Christian Bible and many a sermon and Sunday School lesson includes books and works from the Old Testament. Christianity’s earliest beginnings were as a messianic cult that believed the prophesied messiah had come and it was Jesus of Nazareth. (Yes, I know, overly simplistic. But if I didn’t go simplistic we’d be here forever arguing over semantics. Lets move on, shall we?)

Now then, all of this, just to get down to brass tacks. The terms Witch and Witchcraft were, essentially, co-opted by the religion of Wicca, to the point that the general populace legitimately believes they are one and the same. And wherein the Wiccan practitioners, and indeed some of the BNP trail blazers legitimately believe that you MUST follow the Wiccan faith to be a Witch, but you DO NOT practice the Witchcraft that preceded it.


And yet, even historical evidence points to the fact that witches have been around in some form since the dawn of human belief and spiritual practice. And for all that time, they have been both hexing and blessing. Sometimes in the same breath.

So where do I stand on the mass hexing of the Stamford Rapist? If I had the time and space to set up an altar, I’d do it my damn self. For many of the reasons stated in my friend Boudica’s article I linked above.

In closing – in claiming that true witches do not hex, one is denying our history as witches. They are rewriting what we are, who we are, to fit their sanitized and sterilized view and to fit into a perfectly and neat and “safe” category for the benefit of others outside of our religions and practices. It is, in and of itself, erasure of those who hold to the age old tradition of Witchcraft.

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Hey guys! If you’re in the Central Florida area and into Spiritualism, or would simply like to have a new experience, my friend Dawn is going to be the Guest Speaker at Colby Temple in Cassadaga, FL on the 29th! Go and check her out!

On Wednesday, June 29 th , 2016 7:00pm until 9:00 pm Rev. Dawn Casseday will be the Guest Speaker, offering Spirit Messages at the Colby Temple , 1250 Marion Street in Cassadaga, Fl. Come join Rev. Dawn Casseday for an evening of Spirit Messages from the “Other Side” of the veil. Where Rev. Dawn will be demonstrating Evidential Mediumship. Come join us ! Healing begins just before Message […]

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Last ACoW post (hopefully)

So the kerfuffe of ACoW has settled to a fizzle. And in the aftermath there are records and video commentaries and blurbs here and there. In the end, it was all down to delusions of grandeur by a 19-20 year old young man, and a 30-40 year old man who enabled them, and in doing so ended up falling even further into his own. Now ANYONE who talks common sense on the ACoW FB page are deleted and summarily blocked without a word or retaliation.

Gabby Song, the alter-ego of someone, continues to do her thing in near obscurity. Lazaro Rodriguez continues to deny pretty much any fact that is tossed his way. And the young man?… Well, who knows. Last I saw, he’s ready to graduate HS and get into tech school.

But there’s a lesson to be learned by all who got involved here. Truth will out. Own your words, even if they make you look like an asshole. And if you’re new to something it’s okay. But you don’t need to go busting in and declaring yourself practically as a god. And most importantly, Religion and Spirituality isn’t some accessory you can take on and off. It’s not a role playing game. And even the most attractive of people can be twisted and disgusting inside.

A Ramble – What I am.

Paganism is a very broad umbrella. It encompasses so many beliefs from the well known Wicca and reconstructionists to the followers of ancient Pantheons and more. Some even consider the LHPs of Luciferianism and Satanism falling under that umbrella. Because Paganism is so broad, it’s often difficult for many to figure out exactly what label applies to their beliefs, if any label applies at all.

For many years I have simply called myself an Eclectic Pagan. I draw many of my beliefs from different paths, and meld them together into something that works for me. I try to find beliefs that are universal to all if not most religions and beliefs I have come across. And these have become my core belief.

I believe that there is no true concept of good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong – because these are concepts based on human perception. What is good to one person is evil to the next. Actions done for the greater good can be done by people who walk in shadows. Positives turn into negatives and back again on a regular basis. One literally defines the other.

But recently, I have felt the label I have given myself as an Eclectic Pagan is not enough. At least for personal use. To the rest of the world, I’ll still use the easier term that the majority understand, but for me, I have this need to know. To pin it down. So I did some research. I started looking. And I think I have found what I have been looking for. But, as with all things in life, this label may change. New information may come to light, terms can be redefined, ecetera.

I have now chosen to further label myself a Polytheistic Pantheist.

To use a sort of for dummies version of definitions – Polytheism is the belief of many gods/goddesses. Pantheism is the belief that the Universe itself is god, and everything is part of that divinity.

I worship the Universe as my all encompassing deity. Even science shows we are all different combinations of the very same elements that make up stars, planets, comets, plants, animals, air, water. We are all part of a greater whole. But I also believe in the many gods and goddesses, with Hecate actually being my family’s Patron. I believe in other deities, and mythic creatures, and that the soul itself continues on once the body has lost its purpose and dies. To me, the gods/goddesses are distinct, conscious, and self aware manifestations of the Universe. Of it’s power, of it’s different aspects. When we appeal to the gods and goddesses, we are making an appeal to the primordial powers of the Universe to give us aid and comfort.

Now that I sit and I put this into words, some of my favorite personal sayings make so much more sense now.

I gave up arguing with the Universe a long time ago, because I’m really just arguing with myself.

Spiritual and Religious Practice or Hardcore Porn? – A personal ramble about posting nudes on social media.

Briefly – on Facebook, in the wake of the ACoW 2015 debacle, the parody group turned into a discussion group, into a sort of watchdog and information resource group. Here is the group description for Pagans & Witches for Spiritual Responsibility.

It is an unfortunate fact that the Witchcraft and Pagan “community” has its share of self-proclaimed leaders with dubious claims of degrees, certifications, and lineages. There are frauds, predators, and the delusional who hide within groups or the community at large and claim to be witches and pagans, yet treat it like a game or source for ego feeding or to rip off the unwary or naive. This group looks at people or groups who seem to fit that profile and where possible, show factual information for others to see and decide for themselves.

In this group is discussed many topics – from spiritual leaders who are actually scam artists, plagarism, what books and authors spread wrong information, etc. One topic that came up was nudity and sex, more specifically, what is meant by “explicit”. It is no secret that in wicca, and other forms of paganism, people and covens have been known to perform their rituals skyclad (for those who don’t know, that’s naked). It is also no secret that some people and covens have been known to perform fertility sex rites (between consenting adults). This is part of their spiritual practice and religion, and that’s perfectly fine. No one is arguing that point. To post images into a public forum that allows nudity, to me, is perfectly acceptable when done so in a strictly artistic or religious/spiritual context.

But that’s my personal opinion. Others, however, may have more delicate sensibilities and not wish to see it at all. Then there is the ever present issue of children who lie about their age in order to gain access to social media and groups. These children are then exposed to images that in all reality are actually very innocent, or shared to a group with the understanding that everyone in said group is an adult of legal age. – As I said, children lie about their age. And they do it often. – Then the images are often taken out of context. Be it a person’s immaturity, their delicate sensibility, or simply because they’re a stickler for the rules and TOS enforcement…

And herein lies the rub. On Facebook, and I’m sure many other social media outlets, it’s against the TOS to post nudity of any form with the sole exception of classical art and things of that very specific nature. In places like Facebook and sites like it, I say whatever the TOS says, we abide by. We agree, whether we actually read it or not, to the TOS when we sign up for the service. We agree to abide by whatever silly rules Facebook puts down. We also agree that Facebook, at any time, can close down our groups, pages, and accounts, for whatever reason they deem fit. That said, my personal opinion on the matter is that I personally won’t post any nudity, as it is not part of my spiritual and religious practice. If someone in one of my groups posts photos of themselves or their coven and it is very obvious that the images are of a spiritual and religious nature, I won’t report it. I may caution that they should make sure it doesn’t violate the group rules laid out by the admin(s), but other than that, I’d applaud them. However – if it is obvious that the images are NOT of a spiritual and religious nature, I’ll be the first to hit the report button.

Like a large number of adults, I do like seeing naked people. I like my porn. But Facebook and social media is NOT the place for it. If I want porn, I’ve got a few favorite sites for that, thank you very much.

As for the discussion on Facebook between myself and another member of the group, it was sparked by a warning post that came up on my feed about a user who had been posting “explicit” nudity and sexual images. I screencapped it and posted it into the group. To end the debate, I went to the origin of the warning in order to get their input and description of the images so that I could clearly explain that the user in question, and the images which had prompted the warning, were NOT infringing on any spiritual or religious practice and were in fact simply hardcore porn.

A new Pagan oriented forum starting up.

Okay, this is a shameless plug for an awesome little forum starting up.

The Uncensored Pagan (you’ll also see a link up in my links bar there, yes, right up there, at the top of my page. That line where you see Home and the like. Click it.)

Anyway, it’s a neat little forum, run by an awesome lady. ALL PAGAN PATHS WELCOME. I cannot stress this enough. If you fall under the pagan umbrella, then join up people. It’s literally like, a week old. Get in while the gettin’s good.

You’ll see me there off and on. I’m Lady Bryan.