Photography and Ramblings: Where I’ve Been – Where I’m Going.

Where I've Been

Where I’ve Been

Despite the lovely picture to the left, the world is a scary place. We all know this. Historically, planet Earth is a dangerous and hellish place to live. When we aren’t trying to kill one another, nature is trying to kill us. Be it the other animals and creatures on this planet in self defense, hunger, survival, etc. Or be it a freaking volcano. A tsunami. Earthquake. Tornado. Name the natural disaster and yeah, it’s gonna kill people. And animals. And anything else in it’s path. Let’s not forget the dangers floating about in space.

What I’m trying to say is….. life is hard. The world is scary. And we have a right to be afraid of it. No matter our backgrounds, our histories, our cultures or our upbringing. No matter our race, our creed, our personalities, or the fact we like to place the toilet paper roll facing over or under – none of that matters. Looking into the face of the future, we are all equal in that none of us know for certain what lies ahead. We know what we’ve gone through, what we’ve survived, what’s nearly killed us. Or that we’ve had a relatively safe existence up until this very present moment.

The poor and the rich. The politician and the common man. The bloody Queen of England and whatever world dictator you want to throw out there – the babies, the elderly, the middle aged. Black, white, Asian, Arab, Latino, extraterrestrial and all the rest – uncertainty and the unknowable are the greatest equalizers in existence.

Where I'm Going

Where I’m Going

The rich man doesn’t know if the stocks he’s holding will be worthless at the end of the day. The poor man doesn’t know if he’s going to hit the jackpot after watching the evening news. Pick any color of person in the rainbow of race and ethnicity and that person doesn’t know if they’re gonna be getting on the plane that’s going to malfunction and crash. Or they could land perfectly fine at their destination…. But there’s always that kernel of doubt. That grain of uncertainty that we as the “higher brained” creatures on this world can choose to ignore or rally against. Buck up the courage to face the future and whatever good or ill it may bring.

I know where I’ve been. I can only speculate on where I’m going. I only hope it’s not storming when I get there.