A year in preview: 2015.

Hello my dearest friends. Every year on January 1st, I do a tarot reading to preview the year ahead. I always do this, without fail. It gives me a pretty decent guideline on what to expect…. even if i wasn’t expecting it to turn out the way it actually does. Because of the unpredictability of events, I refocused my readings over the years into a sort of spiritual training program for the year. Each card pulled for a month, an that month rather than expecting something to happen, I use the time to focus on whatever the meaning of the card is. For example – If I drew cards relating to prosperity and wealth, my focus for that month would be on how to maintain my prosperity if I am doing rather well. Or what I can do to increase it for myself and for others. Such as the projects I keep putting off for one reason or another, which were started in the first place to sell at a craft show, or online. Basically, the theme of the month is the card that is pulled, and my goal is to make it happen, or live by that message and affirmation. The ultimate reasoning behind this is not to manifest my desires or goals. Manifesting is NOT ENOUGH. One must be willing to put in the work, and the cards I pull present the themes in which we work.

This year, I decided to change things up. I always stick to my Manga Tarot deck. But, it being my second New Years as a married woman, and the second one I have spent with my husband, I felt it necessary for his help in this endeavor so that I may work with his energies as well. It was he who picked the decks I used, and let me tell you I was a little anxious as I don’t use these decks often enough to be completely familiar with them. I also decided that this year, I would not be reading for just myself. I would do a reading, post it here, and join the multitude of psychics and card readers to have up a year’s reading for all to see and enjoy.

Whether you, my dear friends, follow this theme guide for the year or not is up to you. But here it is if you want it. Thus ends this little blurb at the beginning telling you why, how, and whatnots.

I am also created a downloadable PDF if anyone wants it. Year in Preview: 2015. You can also find it listed on my new Downloads page, listed at the top of the blog.

A Year in Preview: 2015

A 16 card, 12 month “guide” to the year ahead, consisting of 4 seasons. Each season is further broken down into months. This “guide” is exactly that. It’s a guideline to help you on your way through possible major themes of this year that you may confront. This “guide” is not to be taken as telling the future but rather to offer insight on things to meditate on and work on throughout the year. Whether you put it to use in your daily life or not is up to you, the reader.

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