Old Doodles.

IMG_6596 Not sure if I have posted these here before. These are some really old doodles I did to decorate an art folder I made for my comic strips. I did these ages ago. They’re characters from my really deliberately badly drawn comic I started in highschool a decade ago.


Art: Blanket

IMG_6593This blanket was… Well, I honestly lost count of how many rows. I lost count of how many stitches. I do know that there is over 350 stitches per row, and the entire blanket was done in basic garter stitch using acrylic yarn and on size 15 needles. All of the yarn used were scraps left over from my mom’s knitting projects. This blanket is the size of a fully size bed. It took approximately 3 months, and was at one time put on a coat hanger with the needles hanging off either end of the unbent coat hanger just to have enough space for it.

I made this for a friend in Florida for Christmas in 2010, and was actually the first knitting project on needles I ever started AND finished, which made me very proud.

As far as I know, she still has the blanket to this day.

Misc. Project: Sherlock Shirts

A few summers ago, I did a DIY fandom t-shirt project. I really wanted some Sherlock themed shirts, but had very little money. I saw in one of my DIY design books that I could use spraypaint and stencils. So, these are the results. The shirts were done using spraypaint. That’s it. Just spraypaint, cardboard/foam core stencils, and a cardboard insert to keep the paint from bleeding through. I did them during the summer so that I could put them in the car my mum and I had at the time for quick drying.

The first one is my John Watson shirt, and honestly it sucks. It didn’t turn out all that well, and there’s a LOT of bleeding from the paint. The second shirt, my Sherlock Holmes shirt, fared much better. There’s still bleeding at the edges, making it look fuzzy, but it still looks really good. Plus side, with much wear, the excess white at the edges and patches of it have washed off, but the fuzzy letters remain.

jumpers_jam_kittens_rage_john_watson_t_shirt_by_the_lady_harkness-d54xuua sherlock_is_my_holmes_boy____bbcsherlock_t_shirt_by_the_lady_harkness-d59x3u5

Art: Fanfiction Works

I write. I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and I will openly admit… FanFiction. I also am an artist, and as such I also will openly admit that I drew/painted art to go with said FanFiction. Below are works of mine from a Doctor Who/Torchwood fanfiction crossover I wrote from 2009-2012.

Artwork: Chlorophyll + Others



This drawing was the first piece of art I created after my stay at Stewart-Marchman ACT (following a suicide attempt and a full bi-polar psychological breakdown in August of 2009). As a result of my medication at the time, my hands were shaky, I couldn’t sit still, and could barely draw a straight line. This drawing was the first completed work I had in this post-diagnosis world.

It was drawn on tracing paper (which is all I had at the time), and colored in using washable marker. Because I didn’t want to lose my hours of hard won drawing due to marker smears, I flipped it over and colored it. I was also curious to see what the marker ink would look like through the tracing paper. It gave a rather nice effect, in my opinion. I was able to keep ALL of my pencil details without smears and smudges, and also able to use the markers to shade, as well as blend the colors in the hair by simply putting one color on one side and the other on the pencil line art side.

This began a new style I experimented with over the next few years, and is one that I still use when I do my comics and special works. I have since started using it with vellum, as it allows for smoother blending and much richer detail work than tracing paper. Here’s a few others I used this technique in.


“THE TARDIS” – Fanart for Doctor Who fnafiction.


“Nessa Rose – Adult” Role play character image for a friend.


“Nessa Rose – Child” Role play character image for a friend.


“Special Agent Jessica O’Malley” – Torchwood fanfiction fanart.


“Lillith – Queen of the Morloki” – Torchwood fanfiction fanart.


“The Master and Mistress Gloriana” – Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction fanart.