Two posts in the same month and within days of one another?

By the gods, it’s a mid-winter miracle!

Actually, not really. I’m just feeling very…. contemplative I guess. Then again that always happens when I listen to Nate Ruess on repeat in my Youtube playlist. I find myself staring at folder upon folder on my laptop and wondering when I gathered so many unfinished writing projects and stories.

And then I find myself drawn back to Space Bum. Or rather, my writing project that I had developed for Writscrib. It has promise, it really does. But I just need to get myself on a strict “I do this every day” schedule. I get distracted easily which is a rather big problem.

Anyway, so I find myself reading through all these old unfinished fanfics and stories with nothing to show for them. Until now. I started a “series” or somesuch on Archive of our Own where I’m going to be putting all my utter crack stories and unfinished stories. This gets them off my laptops and my portable drives, but also allows me to see if there is any interest in a particular idea that I might want to develop if I see people actually respond well to it.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all that’s on my mind at the moment.

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