It’s a post!

Hark! I have returned to make a post!

Not like many care, but those of you who do, then I thank you.

These days I’ve been in a slump. Not exactly a writer’s block, not exactly a depression, and not exactly a health related issue either. Though all three are certainly components of my lack of posting and interacting these days. Those who’ve known me in my offline life know I’m prone to going long periods of being incommunicado. It’s not that I don’t see messages, emails, texts, calls, etc. It’s just that for some reason I can’t work up the personal motivation to respond or reach out. Sometimes I’m literally just too busy. Other times I just… don’t. I’ve always been this way and will likely always be this way.

That said, I’ve been rather active on Tumblr more and more recently. It’s mainly due to the failure of Writscrib, which I adored. It was a nice alternative to Tumblr but due to poor money management or whatever, it spiraled straight down the drain. That’s alright, I was only out $5 I donated to the kickstarter so I’m not too terribly upset about that. It was months and months ago that it flopped anyway.

I’m likely to change over my Tumblr URL soon actually, just to preserve the one I use most. See, there’s this problem – Tumblr for some ungodly reason (Apple kicking it from the App store) has decided to go off on the deep end and start banning all NSFW stuff. Now, while I appreciate the sentiment as it gets rid of a very big problem involving porn bot blogs randomly messaging me and following me to entice me to open myself up for hacks and viruses with their erotic goodies and pictures of big round titties, it does pose a serious issue with what exactly constitutes NSFW.

For example, I had exactly ONE post flagged. It was a post that contained one single image, and was tagged with “artist resource”. It was a blank body model. No nipples. No overly detailed genitals. As a matter of fact, it was a featureless, faceless, genderless white generic figure in a generic super hero pose. Not even a sexy super hero pose. Rather than appeal it, I deleted it altogether. No big deal. Right?


See, even if I had appealed the flagging of the post, the mere fact that the single post was flagged at all immediately marked my Tumblr blog as “explicit”. I mean, I’m no saint. I’ve got lots of other stuff on that particular blog that could very well fall under the new NSFW policy guidelines. But with over 15,000 posts and reblogs to my name I’m not going to sit there and go through each individual post to make sure my blog meets the SFW criteria before appealing to get the explicit label removed.

So instead, I’m going to back-up all my blogs (since it’s the main blog, the primary, that is in hot water at the moment) and shuffle URLs around to my back-up account. That way my URL doesn’t get permanently removed and unusable. Unfortunately this means I have to update some other stuff on my backup account, which is annoying. And copy all of my code for my main blog theme. But it’s totally worth it to not lose my URL. The posts I can deal with, but the URL is basically my “brand” so to speak.

Anyway, things are generally good and my back hurts like a bitch. But that’s life.

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