It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere… oh wait, this is supposed to be a blog post, isn’t it?

Well then. A lot’s happened, and this won’t be in any particular order as such simply because I don’t smegging want to put it in any sort of order.

My son went back to school last week after a summer of fighting sleep until 6AM. He’s behaving himself in school, engaging with the other children, and even riding the bus this year! He has the same teacher in the same classroom, and most of the same kids in his class – it’s the special education pre-k program. We’ll be setting up an IEP meeting this month to go over reclassification now that he has his proper diagnosis.

My local movie theatre went from being a Carmike to an AMC, and I hate it. The price hike is ridiculous, and the movies are in theatre for one week only (if we’re lucky). This sucks because by the time I’ll have money to see The Dark Tower, it’ll not be at the theatre anymore. and our car sucks so badly I can’t drive to a theatre out of town either.

As for husband, he’s finally hit the “midlife crisis” point in life. He’s 43, and finally hitting that wall. Thank goodness he already bagged himself a wife younger than him!

Mom moved back to second shift, which is both a blessing and a curse. After a summer of having a set routine and schedule based around her working the overnights, I now have to offset my laundry day every other week. And that is annoying. Though at least I’m more likely to get a date night with my husband once a month again so there’s that.

And lastly…. Britbox. No, this post isn’t sponsored or anything, but I just have to talk about this service because honestly I genuinely hate streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and such because they NEVER have the stuff I want t watch on them. And when they do, it’s always the same stuff. Why would I need to stream Sherlock when between my mother and I we own the entire series? Why stream Doctor Who when between my mother and I we have series 1-9? (Waiting on getting 10 for Christmas and my birthday).

But Britbox? Oh that’s another beast altogether. For $6.99 monthly I get access to nearly all the classic British comedy I grew up watching on PBS as a child. My mom can watch all the murder mysteries she wants until she’s blue in the face and then some without having to wait for our local library to think about considering getting a copy in. I can watch nearly the entire back catalogue of Classic Doctor Who and then watch obscure British documentaries. Low budget made for TV British movies not released in the US? They’ve got loads. Do I want to watch Eastenders or Coronation street today?

I know to most people this isn’t really all that super. But it’s so hard to get UK programs in the states without shelling out quite a bit of money on the DVDs. PBS will only show so much for so long before getting another series to syndicate.

But most of all, I adore Britbox for one simple reason. They carry Red Dwarf. They carry Red Dwarf series 1 through 11 and I hope to hell they’ll get series 12 when it airs later this year. I can’t get enough of this show, and it’s been a personal favorite (and obscure and hard to find) since I was 9 and first saw it on PBS at 3 or 4 AM every Saturday/Sunday, when I should have been in bed. Since we first got Britbox a few months ago (June I think) husband and I have been taking at least half an hour to cuddle up and watch a show together every day. We binged daily on Red Dwarf after I learned that around the same time when I was 9 years old watching it on PBS every week he was watching also on PBS where he was in Atlanta. After we’d talked about that, we had to binge together.

Anyway, that’s the best $6.99/mo I’ve ever spent in my life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Keeping Up Appearances marathon to get back to.


2 responses to “It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere… oh wait, this is supposed to be a blog post, isn’t it?

  1. I had never heard of Red Dwarf until you started talking about it on Tumblr. Then again, I wasn’t up at 3 or 4 in the morning and watching PBS at age 9 either. It seems like it’s an interesting show, though! And I’m totally with you on Keeping Up Appearances. I used to watch that one a lot on PBS on Saturdays (WUCF actually still airs it on Saturdays).


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