Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

It’s been a humdinger of a week thus far.

Saturday, last minute shopping for the hubs. Friday, Father’s Day. More shopping for the hubs’ special dinner. (We honestly didn’t have room in the freezer/fridge at the time for the additional stuff, so I decided to just go out day of and get it.)

Monday was my big monthly grocery trip to restock the non-perishables and get whatever else we were low on.

Tuesday was more grocery shopping because I didn’t have room in my cart when I got done Monday to get meat and assorted cold items. Tuesday I also noticed an issue with one of the tires, so I had to call a tow truck to come out and change it to my spare. We don’t keep or use a donut because even a donut in the best of shape wouldn’t last long enough to get from my drive way to my mechanic. Using a real/regular tire at least buys us time till we’ve either got the money to get it dealt with or the time to get it dealt with.

Wednesday the hubs and I had a meeting with a child psychologist who helped us figure out what we needed, what we’ve already got, and what we still need to get for my son’s school. AND to also get him the autism therapy he needs in addition to discussing additional services he needs as well. (He needs 2 types of behavioral therapy at the moment. One, the woman we spoke to handles and the other is a more rigid and structured type of therapy that will help with dealing with his school issues – namely structure and routine that’s above our pay grade.)

And then Thursday (since I’m writing this at 2:20AM on Friday morning) I finally was able to get that tire taken care of.

Now, all of this is a pretty typical, normal week right?

So let’s complicate matters by throwing the following into the mix shall we?

My adorable, darling child has screwed up his sleep patterns so badly that I’ve been unable to get him back on a normal schedule ever since he got sick not long after school let out (that was May 19th). So for the last few weeks I’ve been having to stay up till anywhere between 3AM and 6AM in the morning because the little brat just WILL NOT go to sleep no matter what we try to do. Even, as a last ditch effort, tried warm milk. Worst mistake ever – as it makes his muscus even thicker, causing him breathing issues in his sleep that either wake him up from couching so badly, or I have to wake him up myself because he starts choking in his sleep. (Ah, allergy season. How I loathe thee…)

My hubs helps out with this sleeping issue when he can, but it’s not ideal and I ask him to take “the night shift” as we call it, only when absolutely necessary. This is because he is also autistic and needs to adhere to rigid structure and routine – and when he deviates from it on top of not getting enough sleep, he’s a terror to deal with worse than any toddler. (More prone to flare ups and meltdowns.)

So, I handle “the night shift” alone. With not being able to get enough sleep, this causes my body to fight back against me at times. Namely in regards to my pain levels. Add to this that I have to restrain my son sometimes when he has a full blown autism meltdown to prevent him from getting hurt or hurting someone else, it takes a toll on my already damaged back, which causes the pain levels to skyrocket. For the last week my pain levels have been hanging out around the 8-10 range and because of the odd hours I’ve been having to keep, I can’t take my pain medication when I need to (or at all this past week) because I have to be able to function enough to safely drive as well as take care of my kid.

However, Thursday I decided “fuck it” after getting the tire dealt with. I was meant to be going to the store with my hubs and the kid to buy a dresser for myself, but by the time I got back home I could barely move to go to the toilet. I’d pushed my body well beyond the limit. I took my pain meds, told everyone that the dresser can wait till the weekend, and I promptly curled up on the bed and passed out. I’ve woken up around 12:30AM from my extended nap… to do the night shift again. At least now I’m a bit more refreshed so it’s not so bad…

Until later when I have to get up earlier than I have been recently because I have my bi-weekly therapy appointment and have to stop by the store (again) to pick up some things we’ve run out of (milk, eggs, bread, coffee creamer, etc).

Saturday I hope to not have to go anywhere.

Plus side? Because let’s end on a positive note shall we?

I’ve been playing around with Evernote, creating templates I can use later on for organizing my writing. And I’ve been able to binge watch Game of Thrones from season 1 to season 6 in preparation for season 7 starting next month.


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