Life, Sleep, and Shoes.

The last few entries I talked about things related to my foot. Well, it’s nearly completely healed now. There will be scarring, and I’ll have arthritis in my big toe (like the other one) but other than that, there seems to be no lasting effects. Well, other than the pain in my ankle, but with liberal application of heat and anti-inflammatory medication that seems to be easing up as well.

My sleep cycle however is still re-adjusting. Every twitch of that toe would trigger a pain response, after I injured it, and that would wake me up. Now, I just wake up whenever that toe moves – no pain – just habit. It’s annoying when it happens in the middle of a really good dream. But, it is what it is. I roll over and go back to sleep if I can. If I can’t then I find a mindless idle game on Kongregate to play for a bit before laying back down.

Recently I’ve been playing around with different file organization programs. The most current one I’ve been messing around with is Evernote. The free version is good enough for my current project organization needs, and I may actually splurge and get the $35 one year Plus version (anything version higher than that and it’s bells and whistles I don’t really need or use). I’ll give it a few months though to see if it’s really worth that much to me and how effective it ultimately is for helping to keep my projects organized between 2 laptops.

And yes, I’ve tried the OneNote program that is free and native to Windows 10. It relies heavily on the OneDrive, and the last time I used OneDrive (to back up music I bought and downloaded through Amazon) all but my Libre Office docs were deleted. I had nearly 8 years worth of music backed up in there, and not only did my music collection get wiped from my OneDrive (after using the Groove app to play them) they were also deleted from my computer itself. Ever since, I refuse to use anything that relies on OneDrive and do everything I can to block OneDrive access on both my computers. So no, OneNote while it is very similar to Evernote, is not even up for consideration.

I did try out the Google Drive for desktop, but all it did was add a file folder called Google Drive where I can drag and drop my current files. That is NOT what I wanted – as I can just do that with a regular file and setting up a Windows Homegroup between my two computers. It’s really aggravating. I hope that Evernote works out because so far over the last few days, I’ve really enjoyed using it.

In other news, we have a Bealls Outlet in Cartersville. Have had for quite a long while now (just over a year I think?) and boy howdy do I love it. It’s one of my favorite stores from Florida and for over a decade the nearest one was at the Outlet Mall in Calhoun. I’m not gonna drive all the way out there unless I wanna go to Old Navy AND Bath&Body Works even if I had a reliable car that would be able to drive all the way out there. Anyway, I’ve been needing new shoes for about 6 months now. But me being me, I always put what everyone else needs first, then take care of myself. (This sounds like a complaint, and normally I don’t really mind and prefer it this way but sometimes man, I just wanna go out and binge shop somewhere else than Dollar Tree for a change, y’know.) Anyway, my son also has been needing new shoes for a few months. I found 2 pairs for good prices for him, and then decided “Fuck it, I need shoes.” So I looked and looked…. but I have rather large feat for a woman. My shoe size is 11, and I have to buy a pair at least a half size bigger to accomodate the inserts I need for my arches and arthritis. And I have to wear sneakers (gone are the days I can wear Chuck Taylors and hiking boots. BOO!). I was about to give up hope when 2 pairs I found were far too snug and small. The largest women’s sneakers they had in the place.

But then I remembered – I can wear men’s shoes. DUH! So I go over, grab a few pairs in different sizes just so I can check what size I needed. And then I looked for sneakers for a good price. I found some really nice LA Gear’s with an Iron Man theme in men’s size 10. They fit BEAUTIFULLY! My husband was jealous, as he’s an Iron Man fan. As luck would have it, they had the same exact shoes in his size! He tried them on, they fit, and he got them for himself. I also got a cute cup with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers megazord on it.

It’s been a pretty decent week. Some ups and downs, certainly. But there’s been a few more ups than downs lately and that’s left me in a pretty good mood looking into the week ahead.


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