On Being Sick and Keeping Busy

My foot, which I mentioned last time, is healing slowly, but nicely. I’ve been able to adjust my foot position when I walk now to take semi-normal steps. It’s agonizing after spending 2 weeks walking on the side of my foot because now my muscles are like “haha fuck you”. The joint in my foot is inflamed from walking like that, which has set off literally everything else in my leg. It’s getting better though. My son’s also gotten sick, but he’s gotten better. I had no idea snot from his nose could come out his eyes. That was gross. Doctor gave him an antibiotic eyedrops that’s worked wonders!

Unfortunately due to him getting/being sick, and myself getting sick as a result of taking him to the doctor (every damn time man… every damn time) both his and my sleep schedules are out of whack. So I’ve taken the time spent sitting up making sure he doesn’t tear up the house and get himself hurt to revisit some writing ideas I’ve had on the burner for a while now. First of which is a Harry Potter fanfiction that is long overdue for an update. And another is, yes, another Harry Potter fanfiction but with an Arthurian retelling/twist which retells the origin of Merlin and Mordred among others, and tying the Pendragons into the Peverell history. At any rate, it’s fun doing the world building bit which is always my favorite part.


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