So wouldn’t you know it…

After my last post, a few things happened. One, my computer that is logged into WordPress and has the WP App on it got a wicked virus (likely from downloading some MP3s, as that’s the only unusual thing I’d done with it in recent memory – and no it wasn’t that hellish ransomware that went around and infected the NHS computers and such. Just a regular Trojan with a wicked hook deep in my system. Got it sorted though so it’s all good!) and I can never remember my login info half the time. So, that’s why no updates or anything since the 11th.

Secondly…. I injured the big toe on my left foot a mere hours after my last post about having better luck. The irony of this was not lost on me as I bandaged up my toe that night, laughing my arse off about it.

As a result of my toe injury, and where exactly it is at, I’ve been forced to take it easy and I’m not too happy about that. Plus side? I get to use the riding/electric carts at the grocery store. And while I’m not happy, at all, about having to slow down and ask for help until my foot heals and I can walk normally on it again, I am sort of grateful for my injury at the same time.

Since hurting my foot, I’ve been forced to be humble and admit I’m not super mom. I can’t handle everything all the time by myself. I can’t walk normally right now, and as a result I need a lot of help with things as simple as loading the car with laundry to go wash it, or unloading groceries because I can’t go up and down the front steps easily without a cane in hand. It’s made me have to stop. Breathe. And allow myself to be helped.

But it has also forced my husband to step away from his projects and come help me more often. My injury has, most importantly, forced us to spend more time together that otherwise I would be filling with more stressful chores, duties, and errands and he would be filling with more tinkering off in another room where he’s left alone to do, well, whatever it is he does all day. (At this point all I know is he is working on props for his costume for Dragon*Con.)

While I am enjoying the time, I’m also frustrated and can’t wait until I can plant my left foot firmly on the floor and walk to the toilet without wanting to shout angrily.

Oh well, such is life. Tomorrow is the first weekday of the Summer. My son’s last day of school was Friday. I’m going to spend approximately 2 hours at the library just because I need at least 2 hours a week to myself. My son going to school spoiled the crap out of me. He goes back, same teacher and same classroom, at the start of August. I’ve already got it marked on my calendar.


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