Pineapple cookies and the Library

Today, I actually woke up well rested. This does not happen very often considering my bad back, knees, and a toddler. After having had a good night’s sleep, I took a slow start to the day. Had a perfect cup of coffee made by my husband (no joke – I can make my coffee the same exact way and it still isn’t as good as when he makes it). And a leisurely morning. Made my son some lunch, actually remembered to have a bite to eat myself today, and then set about making some cookies.

I had a mix in the cabinet that I had admittedly been afraid to try. So afraid that it sat in my cabinet an entire year before I finally got up the courage to make it. Spongebob Squarepants cookies. Complete with edible decals. No big deal, right? Well… they’re pineapple flavor. I like pineapple. I like it in rings; I like it in chunks; I like it in smoothies. But I don’t like it on pizza. Nor in a cake. So I was very apprehensive of trying it in cookie form. The only reason I’d bought it is because it had been on clearance and my son likes Spongebob Squarepants.

Today, I went with the mantra of the tired mom and just said “fuck it”, then made the mix. The cookies themselves were easy to mix up with just an oversized plastic spoon. The cookie dough was nice and smooth, easy to pull apart and roll into balls. Easy to press in order to place the decals. My oven’s weird and I had to pull them out about 2 minutes early to keep them from burning.

Mom liked the cookies. My son can take ’em or leave ’em. I find them disgusting. My husband thinks they’re good. Not super great, but okay. Not the worst thing he’d eaten. Thank goodness I only made 18 of them (there were only 18 decals). I could have made more if I wanted to make smaller cookies. After they cooled and I was able to put them away for later, I got my son ready for a trip to the library.

My mom worked this afternoon/evening so she had the car. No big deal, as I need to walk a bit anyway. So I loaded the kid up in the big kid stroller and headed up the road. My son loves the library. He loves running up and down the aisles of the children’s section. Sitting at the little tables and arranging the chairs just so. They keep wooden puzzles and games for all the kids to play with, and boy does he love playing with the puzzles! There’s also a large wooden cube big enough for 6 kids to play with that has lots of different activities built onto it on every side save the bottom. This is his favorite part of visiting the library.

After he tired himself out, I loaded him back into the stroller and we wandered around the library looking at DVDs and some books for me to read. I found 2 that look promising. One is called The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma and is by Brian Herbert, son of late sci-fi legend Frank Herbert (author of the original Dune series). I’ve just started chapter 3, and so far it has a very pro-environmental tone… but the blurb on the inside cover promises that Eco-friendly utopia isn’t all it seems and there’s going to be mutants and a a possible end of the world type of scenario involving dark matter. I can’t wait. Of particular note about the book physically is that all of the text inside is in green. It’s a nice touch, given the title and the subject matter… however it does make it a bit difficult to read when I’ve got my floor lamp set to night-light mode, as the light emitted is a soft and calming blue/green.

The second book I picked up is called Counting Heads and was written by David Marusek. The blurb on the back of this one teases of a story set far into the future where the elites of mankind have found the secret to immortality. Nearly everyone who is anyone is immortal, and has some form of cybernetics. Life is measured in centuries… but the main character finds himself caught up in a situation of mixed up identity and he is stripped of his status, his immortality and cybernetics, and is labeled a terrorist. The only thing keeping him afload is that he is married to one of the most powerful women on Earth. Apparently there’s ging to be attempted murder on his family members, and his daughter’s head is stolen. Certainly this one looks interesting to say the least.

After a bit, my son started getting very fussy, so I checked out and headed back towards home. I realized only after we passed by a lawn being mowed that I had forgotten to use my Flonase this morning. It being late in the afternoon anyway, nearly 5, I was grateful that I had made too much chicken soup for dinner yesterday, so I took out the pot and reheated it. I’d had enough foresight to save the left-over cornbread.

Now, as I sit here, winding down for the night, I’ve got a nice hot cup of cocoa. Curled up under my TARDIS blanket, watching one of the DVDs I picked up today (the animated reconstruction of the 2nd Doctor’s first adventure, Power of the Daleks), and waiting for my son to finally get to sleep.


2 responses to “Pineapple cookies and the Library

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good day. I’m one of those people who can’t stand pineapple (not even on a pizza). But cool points on the SpongeBob decals!

    I haven’t been to the library in a long while…probably need a new card anyway. Or at least a renewal.

    I love hearing when my friends and family members have had a good day. *hugs*


    • I’ve needed a “WIN” kind of day for a while now. It was really nice, sneezes and all lol. My back is sore as hell, but worth it. We got Happy Feet 2 (my son LOVES penguins more than I do!) so we’re gonna have a Penguins Day sometime this week. (He owns the Penguins of Madagascar movie and the first Happy Feet. I would have grabbed Surf’s Up if the library had it today, too.)

      I’m planning on writing a short ramble about a book I read recently and just about my library in general. It’s a very important place to me where a lot of great things that have helped me turn my life around have happened.


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