Personal Health Goal

My health, as I’ve spoken on in the past, is not the greatest. Hasn’t been for quite some time. To quickly rehash for newer followers of my blog – I fell down the stairs no less than 3 times in 2014 (they were carpeted) thus resulting in tailbone damage that complicated a pre-existing undiagnosed condition that no doctor had been willing to even do an x-ray for let alone treat me. I’ve also been diagnosed with degeneration of a ligament in my left knee – all of this on top of various and sundry health issues that have led to a clusterfuck of mobility problems.

Unfortunately, because I am unable to move adequately and maintain steady levels of basic activity due to my physical limitations, I’ve become sedintary. This has primarily contributed to my weight problems in the last year. In the last month, I’ve put on 10lbs, bringing my weight to 299lbs. I have not been 300lbs in 15 years, and I don’t plan on letting that happen again.

i’ve talked with my husband a bit, and he’s going to keep on me about my activity. Knowing my body, and that I burn out quickly to begin with when I go from 0 activity to 100 with no warning, I’ve decided to start out with light activity. Just to work off the water weight to start with (as when I was last weighed, I had also been at the tail end of my… ahem… monthly visitor so I was retaining quite a lot of water at the time) and once my body is used to the regular activity, bumping it up a bit. In the past, my body has responded much better to a stepping-stone method rather than a sudden strict regime.

Since my son has started special needs preschool, I have the time each day to work the activity in without having to worry about my son getting underfoot or in the way. And on Saturdays, I’ve decided to take my son to the library. It’s a gentle incline/decline depending on which route I take, and it’s about 2 blocks away from my home. A neighbor gave us a really good stroller that is easier for me to handle, and the handle is actually much higher than my son’s old one, which takes a lot of the strain off my back from having to hunch over. It’s got a handy compartment on the bottom, so it is easier for me to stow away the books and things I get at the library, and i’m not having to fumble with my son’s bag as well as books, etc.

I’m also taking advantage of the weather change since cold weather causes my sciatica and arthritis to flare up to levels that make me nearly completely immobile (winter is hell for me), so the warmer weather now will help keep my conditions from flaring so badly that I give up and put it off.

Exercise alone isn’t going to do the trick though, so I’m limiting my coffee intake, and what I put in it. Also my tea intake. And well pretty much anything that isn’t water. I’m also using Gatorade for the days that I’ve been pushing myself past my limitations, as it quickly replenishes my sodium and sugar levels without leaving too high an impact (I use the powder, and use less than half the stated amount on the container per 16 fluid ounces). And rather than using all those sugar free flavor pouches and drops and such (the artificual sweeteners make it absolutely undrinkable to me flavor wise) I’ve started putting in a tsp of straight lemon juice and a tsp of straight lime juice to make a sort of lemon-lime water. I’ll start doing that with other fruits down the line as well when I get a new magic bullet.

I’m also taking closer looks at my calorie intake, my carb intake, and my cholesterol intake. My goal right now is to get back down to 250lbs. I don’t care how long it takes, I just want to get the weight down. Once I get to that goal, I’ll set a new one. But right now, I need to get that number to drop!

I’m currently thankfully not diabetic, but I believe i may be pre-diabetic. I already have enough medications I have to take daily to deal with my pain issues – I don’t need to add more meds on top of that.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m also working on a writing/blogging project, but I’m putting it off for a month because I want to establish my health routine first. Then I can see where I can fit in my writing project.

Plus side, my husband’s fully behind me, and is wanting to get himself back into shape too. So I know he’ll hold me accountable if I cheat.

Mind you, I’m still going to indulge from time to time with some cookies, cake, or a burger. but I’m not going to sit and eat an entire package of cookies, a whole cake, or three burgers in one sitting (with the single exception being the quadruple bypass burger challenge at the Vortex because I’ve always wanted to do a food challenge at a restaurant and it’s an $80 burger if you don’t finish it in the time alotted but darn it I want to try!… at least, someday).

But first…. dropping down to 250lbs.


One response to “Personal Health Goal

  1. Glad to hear you’re trying to get your health back on track, and it’s great that your husband is stepping up to be your support system.

    Weight is so easy to gain and so hard to lose. You are one fierce chicka, though. I wish you nothing but the best. *hug*


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