I’m 30. Now what?

Yesterday, at 12:12pm, I turned 30 years old. I turned 30 on the 30th. I’ve waited 30 years to say that. No. Really. I have. The day was marked by the realization that I’m officially in mid-life now. And while I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, that many of my life goals were tossed to the wayside for situations beyond my direct control, I’ve also done more with my life and my time than I thought I would.

I’m not a reporter living in Kyoto like I had dreamed I would be when I was 12. I’m not a famous writer like I had envisioned at 15. I’m not a world renowned animator like I had hoped at 18 when I entered college. And I’m certainly not even locally famous as an artist like I had tried to reach for at 24 after leaving Florida.

But what I do have are things that back then, I never imagined I would ever have in my life.

I have a stable home that I have lived in since August 2014. I have a child, despite my entire childhood and adolescence (and most of my adult years thus far) hating the idea of having children. (Don’t get me wrong – other people’s children are still absolutely horrid little monsters. But MY kid is the best kid and I love him to pieces. Then again, don’t the majority of parents feel that way about their own children.) I have a husband – something I never would have imagined, even after first meeting him in January 2013. We’ve known each other now for 4 years. Married for 3 of them. We’ll have been “together” as a couple on February 7th for 4 years as well. I’ve got in-laws who like me. A stable (but not ideal) source of income. And a good relationship with my mother (it’s not perfect, but then again no one ever has a perfect relationship with their parents).

What I lack in career success, financial success, i feel I more than make up for in personal success. Certainly my life took turns I could never have anticipated to reach this point. I’m frankly surprised I survived this long through the various trials and tribulations I have faced.

Where I go from here? Who can really say. What I do know is that it’ll be rough, due to my physical limitations that have become evident over the last year, but I’ll have people standing behind me all the way, cheering me on.

I think I’ve done pretty well for myself.

And now, on to the non-sentimental life reflection and to the whole point of birthdays – presents! Because who doesn’t like getting presents on their birthday, right?

My mom bought me Sherlock series 3 on DVD and the Sherlock Christmas Special “The Abominable Bride”. Only because Walmart didn’t have series 1, 2, and 4 to go with it. Otherwise she said I would have gotten all of them. I also received a warm robe (which in Georgia winter is a must). And Doctor Who, series 8 part 2 (because again, they didn’t have part 1 otherwise I would have received both parts 1 and 2).

We had pizza for dinner from Papa John’s using some awesome coupons I found. I am the master of getting $80+ worth of pizza and sides for around $25. Love them coupons.

We had my cake today, only because mom worked yesterday and didn’t get home until close to 11:30 and I didn’t want to have cake that late at night. So it was a nice treat for today. It was, of course, a Doctor Who themed cake using the blue, white, black color scheme for the frosting. And 2 TARDIS cakes, baked in my cake molds I got for Christmas, sat on top of the round 3 layer cake. The cake itself was also entirely blue. Because, well, it’s my favorite color.

It wasn’t the absolute best birthday I’ve ever had, but I am happy to say that despite hitting mid-life, it was not the worst birthday I’ve ever had. My 16th birthday still holds that special distinction for reasons I may, in future, elaborate on.

I hope everyone else had a lovely day yesterday to spite the goings on in the world around us.


2 responses to “I’m 30. Now what?

  1. It sounds like your birthday was pretty awesome. My 30th is still about a month and a half away, and I have no clue what I’m going to do. But it sounds like you had a lot of love and happiness and great vibes surrounding you. I love birthdays (not just my own). Birthdays mark another year that you have managed to complete on this Earth, and each birthday you celebrate marks another year you have managed to survive, despite any crap that might have come your way. As you end your 30th year on this planet and begin your 31st, take a moment to breathe, relax, and reflect. You deserve it.


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