Light on the posting lately. Multiple projects.

So I’ve been rather light on the posting lately. I’m finally done with that humongous blanket! The blanket itself is not yet done, but the knitting part of it is. The thing was too large to take a proper photo of, spanning about 5-6 feet across and being 12 feet long. What I’ve decided to do with it is have it folded in half (making it about 5′ or 6′ by 6′) and have it bound together at all the edges. To hold it together near the middle, I’m going to buy large buttons (approximately 1-2 inch diameters) in bright colors and sew them to the blanket, that way it’ll hold the blanket sides together and maintain it’s shape despite being folded in half. I think it’ll look kinda cute, and with the large buttons, we’ll be able to tell what is the top and what is the bottom.

Now that I’ve finished the main part of the blanket project (just 4 days shy of a full month working on it) I’ve started making knitted Tarot bags. I plan on making a lot of them and selling them at the craft fair this fall. Of course, they can be used for more than just Tarot cards. They’re handy for keeping note cards, keepsake letters, nail polish bottles, makeup, etc. in. Once again, for these I’m using all of the left-over yarn from my mom. This time I can use yarns that wouldn’t work well with the blanket project. I may sell some of the bags online if I make enough of them.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to pick up a few of my old writing projects, as I’ve realized it’s been quite a long time between my fanfiction updates. Thankfully I have a few devoted readers who don’t mind re-reading the whole thing every time I post a new chapter, because they actually do enjoy the story. On top of this, I’m also taking some of my older works and trying to re-work them into something new, so there’s that as well.

And while all of THAT is keeping me busy, I’m also waiting for the school system to call me about when we’re going to get my son evaluated and set up for special needs preschool. Apparently he’s in the system at this point, because during the snow days, I got phone calls from our local primary school stating there would be no classes, or that students were leaving early one of the days, and what days they would be making up the missed days and such.

Plus side, I got 10 bonus Papa Points and was able to get a free pizza this month. So it’s been a pretty good month thus far.


3 responses to “Light on the posting lately. Multiple projects.

  1. Free pizzas are the best. If you’re referring to Papa John’s, that’s the best one out of all the pizza chains in my area. I hope they bring back the burger pizzas again…my dad loves those…especially the one that has Thousand Island dressing as a sauce. Kinda reminds me of a Big Mac. The Swiss cheese and mushroom burger pizzas are pretty good, too.


    • I think those might be regional. Our local ones never had those, but we do have a bunch of Bacon Club type pizzas here. (There’s one at our local Papa’s that have chicken, bacon, six cheeses, and the sauce on it is blended with the garlic butter. And another one that’s basically a salad on the pizza with alfredo sauce instead of red sauce.)

      Papa John’s is the best of the delivery pizzas in my area, but the BEST pizzas are actually from this tiny joint near what’s going to be my kid’s school. I forget the name of the place, but holy crap it’s sooooo good. Second best are from Little Ceasar’s. They have a drive thru now (took over an old Church’s Chicken that was next door on the very end of the building).


      • Bacon and six cheeses sounds awesome. I love pizza in general (except for Hawaiian, because pineapples), but pizza with white sauce is a whole other level of awesomeness. Especially with just cheese. I don’t eat white sauce pizza a lot, but I always enjoy it when I do.

        There’s a mom-and-pop pizza place near here, too, with all sorts of pizza and other Italian-type food. We’ve ordered from there quite a few times, and it’s generally positive reviews from us and other local customers. I don’t think I’ve ever had Little Caesar’s, even though there’s at least one around here.

        Strangely enough, we do have a drive-thru pizza joint around here, too, but it’s not a Little Caesar’s…it’s a Hungry Howie’s. It used to be in the same strip mall that houses a Food-Lion-eventually-turned-Bravo, but when the Long John Silver’s building in the same plaza closed down, the Hungry Howie’s ended up moving out of the strip mall and into the Long John Silver’s old building. We don’t get food from there a whole lot, but I did have a sub/calzone type sandwich from there a few months back, and it wasn’t bad.


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