My Winter Holidays

I hope everyone’s winter holidays went smoothly. Mine were the best ones yet. While I received some wonderful gifts from my mom and my husband, and watched my son finally get the hang of tearing into the wrapping paper to see what Santa brought him, there’s one gift that money couldn’t buy. And it did my heart more good than anything else this past holiday season.

A sister of mine whom I haven’t been on good terms with for quite some time now came to visit my mom while she was staying with her in-laws here in GA. She, her husband, and my mom all went out to dinner a few days before Christmas. And instead of just gift cards as had been in the past, for my mom they had actual gifts. And put actual thought into them. But this is not the part that literally moved me to tears. It was the fact that, should I wish, I can contact her again.

I wanted to come here to write about it immediately after mom got home and told me this, but I was far too emotional at the time. Now, I have 3 sisters. As some of you might recall from a great many posts in 2015 I had one of them living with me for a time. This is not that sister. Nor is it the youngest sister either. We’ll call this sister… “Babs”. While I don’t mind my name being bandied about, I do know she values her privacy and all that. So yeah, “Babs” and her husband “Ron”. The last time I saw either of them had been at their wedding in 2014. My son was barely 4 months old at the time. He’ll be 3 in late February. So that should give you an idea of how long it’s been since I’ve seen them. So this to me is quite a big deal that I’m allowed to be on speaking terms with “Babs” again. One Florida sister down, one more Florida sister to go… If that could ever reach a “Once a year X-Mas card” level of contact, who knows. But a gal can dream!


So large it won’t all fit in the picture!

In other, less emotionally stirring news, my blanket has gotten HUGE! So large in fact that it needs to be stored in a giant green tote bag, and even then it’s not quite done yet. At last measurement, the blanket I am knitting was at 12 feet across and 5 1/2 feet long. Once finished the stripes will go vertical on my bed rather than horizontal as planned simply because oops! I made it queen size instead of full size! I need to add a few more feet for it to properly cover the width of the bed. I think I’ve got the length of the bed plenty covered.

I’m looking forward to my birthday at the end of the month, which someone who’s turning 30 usually wouldn’t be happy to see a big 3 in front of that 0. And while no, not thrilled that I’ll be officially in “mid-life”, I am excited to use one of my Christmas gifts! TARDIS silicone cake molds! I’ll of course be making a blue velvet cake, as it’s one of my favorites, and come on, it’s a TARDIS. It can’t be any other color BUT blue.

Anyway, New Years Eve was a rather quiet affair with lots of rain (thank goodness I didn’t have the money to buy fireworks!), pizza, and cuddling while watching random Youtube videos.

Lastly, the only other major event of 2017 so far was an unexpected trip to the courthouse for my husband yesterday. Apparently my brother-in-law (We’ll call him… “Grant”) wants to get back together with his wife, my sister whom I kicked out in 2015. But there’s a restraining order against him by both my sister and my husband (they each have one, not they went in on one together). “Grant” wants to have the order modified, or rather, wants the one my sister has against him removed so that they can get back together. Unfortunately my husband is dragged into this because it all stems back from an incident in 2014 that resulted in my husband and I having to go to “Grant’s” place to get my sister. It got… tense. Police got involved. My husband pressed charges, and we’ve got a restraining order against him. Well, my husband has anyway. This began a chain of events that includes attempts at coercion and ending in kidnapping. I won’t go into detail because frankly, that stuff has nothing to do with me or mine. But my husband got called to go because “Grant” is seeking to have ALL protection/restraining orders against him removed or modified. And we want nothing to do with him or my sister. My sister didn’t show up to court, and so all orders are in place indefinitely until she is located. And the kicker here? “Grant” has been in contact with her, violating the protection/restraining order and he should rightfully be sitting in jail because of it. And she’s been using someone else’s account on Facebook to get in touch with him. It’s all a crazy clusterfuck at this point. Meanwhile we’re just sitting here like “keep both of them crazies away from us. We don’t need that mess in our life.”


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