Three years on, and I’m still beating the Xanga horse.

Another Xanga post? Again… I hear you not asking because, well, you probably didn’t mumble it when reading my post title. But, regardless, I’m writing another Xanga post. Hey, it’s been a while since the last one.

An observation I had made early on, so early I don’t feel like digging out the link right now, was that with Joel/”Edlives” (Xanga’s “Community Liaison”) working on getting his brainchild website, Autisable, off of the Xanga servers, and make it a completely separate entity from Xanga, that he had a bit of self interest going on with making sure Xanga didn’t just die off and disappear from the face of the earth… that is, until he was able to get his hands on Autisable free and clear.

It’s been nearly 3 months since the Autisable deal was completed on August 6th, or at least, when it was announced as having been completed on the “Official” Xanga Facebook page. Since then, Joel’s not exactly been as forthcoming with the Xanga Updates. Not that there is much to update on considering the Xanga Team has been absolutely silent for well a rather long time now. A matter of years, actually, since their most recent post on February 11, 2015. Now, most Xanga users (all probably six of them outside of Joel himself) do check the Edlives Xanga for updates. Everyone else checks Facebook for updates. Joel himself hasn’t exactly kept up with his own Xanga blog – the last post as I am sitting here right now is from August 31st of this year. Monday, it will be 2 months since he’s posted anything to it.

It’s almost as if, gasp, my observation that once he got what he wanted from Xanga, everyone else can sit and spin. Wow, imagine that.

There is, of course, things to take into account. Such as a new job he got months back, and now he’s got Autisable to run, and he’s a parent to a special needs child (which is something I can easily relate to) so yeah, not updating his Xanga or the FB page outside of a few minor updates – taken into account. But at this time, with how busy his life is, how much he’s got going on now compared to when he became the Community Liaison for Xanga, does he even have time for it now?

The way he currently handles the role, oh absolutely because it doesn’t really entail anything other than being a public face what’s left of the community can come to for information – of which he has absolutely none. And to handle the “omg where’s my blog!” comments on Facebook with a simple “Just email Eugenia” response.

Now, what someone in his position SHOULD do has been stated many times before, but to summarize he’s meant to act on behalf of the community, dying as it is, with the Xanga Team. NOT to just be a buffer of criticism. If he fulfilled the role as it needs to be done, he would not have time for it and all the other, clearly more important things going on in his life.

But… I will say this. It’s awfully suspicious, but completely obvious this was going to be the result, that he’s tapered off using Xanga at all now that his brainchild, Autisable, has been made a reality. It seems as if he’s got no further use for Xanga now, and no need to champion for its survival. In previous posts of his, he admitted that a bulk of the Team’s time and efforts were being spent on HIS project, and was the most likely cause of any delay concerning Xanga proper. One must wonder now in hindsight… had Autisable remained with Xanga, or rather had the process of separation not begun until now, 3 years after Xanga 2.0’s release… would we be seeing the features and the progress 2.0 promised within this time frame? Would all of that time and energy that had been diverted into the Autisable separation been funneled back into Xanga, to actually work on the parent site?

Time, as it has been doing, will tell. Though I would not be surprised to discover my next post on the subject will entail the closure of Xanga in its entirety… now that there’s no reason for anyone to champion it’s continued existence.


8 responses to “Three years on, and I’m still beating the Xanga horse.

    • Yes. By the time Xanga 2.0’s next phase begins, there will be 4 more seasons of Sherlock, eight more Doctors on Doctor Who, and the Simpsons will be starting season 40. Yup. It’ll be here in no time flat.


      • Well, to quote my pal Joel (aks EdLives), anyone can complain but are you willing to do the work? I’m sure Xanga would be much further along if more members of the community pitched-in instead of jus complaining about it. The Xanga team had come along way, having extensively studied themes for the last two and a half years. It’s just taking them a while.


  1. You made the tag “FreeXanga” two words which is why I missed seeing this earlier. =)

    It’s abundantly clear that if there ever was a true role of Xanga “liaison”, the position remains unfilled.

    Instead, what we have is a pure quasi-PR position where one gets to promote the new Xanga heavily and eagerly justify its existence and charges, while being able to play the “I don’t work for Xanga” or the “Don’t tell me what’s wrong with Xanga, tell me what YOU are willing to do to fix it” cards when faced with blatant setbacks/non progress.

    It’s now closing on 2 years since the last official XangaTeam update, and all we get is more justification and defense of Xanga’s actions by the “liaison” with nary a hint of him seeking to take action on the hapless users behalf to get more information WHY there are NO official updates.

    His next gig will likely be to go to Blockbuster Video customers and ensure them all is well, and all those closures are just a minor blip as part of a greater transition, but the “Blockbuster Community” is still alive and well.


  2. I typed in the tag “Xanga” today on WP and found your post (among others). I still miss Xanga. The original Xanga that is. This 2.0 thing is nothing compared to what Xanga had become and offered to it’s community. The funny thing is they start charging a ridiculous fee and then abandon the community completely. As someone mentioned maybe if more people helped. Maybe. I can see that and agree for a free blogging site – not one you have to pay for. Heh… sometimes I beat the dead horse, too. peace

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    • Nice to hear from a fellow Xanga refugee! These days, part of the biggest problem in the “maybe if more people helped” is that people HAVE offered – but they won’t do it for free because a lot of what’s needed requires a lot of time to dedicate to coding, programming, etc. Former Xangans who have offered are professionals in their fields, and want to help resurrect Xanga and make it as good as it used to be – but the company doesn’t want to pay people. They want free labor through volunteers. I know if I was a coder I’d rather take a paying job than dedicate large bulks of time to something for free.

      Admittedly, looking at the social media and blogging climate of today, even if Xanga can be resurrected, there’s no realistic way it can survive beyond a small scale private network of hardcore dedicated users with very deep pockets. the fact that so much time and effort early on was wasted on separating out Autisable from Xanga is also a factor many people are not considering. The manpower spent on that could have gone towards fixing Xanga and keeping it closer to the published and scheduled outline, and it wouldn’t have been bleeding money like a stuck pig for all of that time either.

      I miss the old Xanga just as much as the rest of the Xanga refugees. It was such a great place with so many great people. I met some of my closest friends through there. But, as is the way of life, all good things must come to an end before better things can take their place.

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      • I really wasn’t in the position to know of people offering to help with Xanga. I just had my little personal blog there and was lucky enough to fall into some great friendships there – several which have lasted. I did sub to Joel when everything was going down about Xanga to get updates on progress. I knew Autisable was his baby but I had no idea about the Ausitable situation of him trying to give Xanga enough to time to make it self-contained until I read your post. I have a coder friend who talked about what massive amounts of code would have been used to create the original Xanga and give us the features we enjoyed there. He was not surprised that something needed to be done. Now, with different coding languages, it could be more streamlined. I do feel like in the end they took our money (yes I paid for one year for 2 different blogs) and more or less abandoned us but by that time most of my friends had jumped ship.

        I miss old Xanga, too. It was a really great site. I don’t know of any other place quite like it. I know it could not have been the money maker other sites are. Everything takes money to operate. *sigh* Good while it lasted and it helped get me through a really rough time (I heard so many other people say the same thing about it). Have a great weekend.

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