The “Soul Mate” Question.

This, above all other questions, is one I dread as an intuitive reader. I know I am not alone in my feelings on this particular question and it’s varriations. What has prompted me to write this post and put into words my personal view of the “Soul Mate” question, and indeed the idea of a “Soul Mate” in general, was a reading I did earlier tonight.

I did a reading for someone last year, where they asked “When will I meet my soul mate?”. And now, a year later, the same person asks me the same thing, acknowledging that they had asked a year previous. I’ve never had the same person ask me the same exact question twice. And never this particular question.

Of course, some readers claim to know the exact time and date a person will meet their soul mate. Others, like myself, do not do this. Either because they can but due to their own personal code of ethics will not divulge the information, or like me, they simply can’t. Not in that way at least.

I won’t betray the privacy of the readings I gave this person, but it really made me think back on something a friend of mine, whom I used to work with, said in a Facebook comment on the matter.

To paraphrase, she stated that the Universe is listening. And it will give us what we want… but usually not in the way we want or expect. Because to ask the Universe for something we must be specific and clear in exactly what it is we are looking for and are wanting. To simply ask “when will I meet my soul mate” is vague – so vague that it may not bring about the desired result. She then went on, and again paraphrasing, to say that there are different types of soul mates. There are of course the traditional view of them – the intimate and romantic soul mate. The person with whom we are fated to be romantically linked to. But there is also the concept of the “soul family” to deal with. These “soul mates” are those with whom we connect with time and again in each lifetime.  They can be friends in one life and then a rival in another. Then after that are in the role of our parent, the next after that our child. Or a beloved family pet. These, too, are people with whom on a spiritual level, on the level of the soul, we are fated to be with in some form or fashion. These are the people who go with us throughout our lives, and us through theirs.

Now, I’d already held similar views myself, just not as developed as her’s.

Another reason I dread the “Soul Mate” question is because the answers are usually always the same basic answer. The details differ from person to person of course, but the core message is ALWAYS the same. That the person receiving the reading needs to look inward, and practice self love, or find themselves and figure themselves out before they are even ready to consider bringing in someone else to their personal world. More often than not, someone asking when their soul mate will arrive in their lives are asking this from a perspective of loss, or lonliness, or self doubt. And often the thought that if they just find that one perfect person for them is the one thing that keeps them going – but also prevents them from making a positive change in their lives.

I don’t say this from a perspective of intuition, but from one of personal experience. And now that I’ve found my soul mate, it’s most definately not all sunshine and roses. It’s still a relationship that takes a lot of effort and work on both our parts. Finding your soul mate, or indeed your soul family, does not automatically make things better. It does help us to find it within ourselves to BE better, but this is not a change that happens overnight.

And to top it all off, just from a purely “We are all energy, and we are all connected” standpoint – we only receive what we send out. Dwellin3risbcxg on the lonliness, on the negative aspects brings only more lonliness. However, when we learn to be comfortable and content with ourselves, when we learn to love ourselves, it shows outward into the world we inhabit. And it acts as a beacon to which others are attracted. And in bettering ourselves for the sake of simply ourselves, we draw in and bring to ourselves those who are meant to be with us.

But it’s difficult to explain to someone these things when they want you to give them an exact date, time, and location of when, how, and where they will meet their perfect someone.

Oh how I’ve wished so much that it worked like that, but it doesn’t.



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