Alright, so this morning and yesterday, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn. Yesterday it was to take my mother to the library (just a block or 2 from my house, but it’s up hill and she can’t walk uphill very well) so that she could catch a ride over to Rome. It’s the time of year she has to take this one class and get re-certified for something for work. A co-worker who also lives in Cartersville offered to give her a lift because she knows our car is an old beat up piece of junk that’s likely to break down on the way there (it’s a pretty long distance to Rome for a junker car).

Unfortunately, it was chilly enough yesterday that she asked me to wait with her so she could stay in the car and keep warm until her ride got there. I had planned on going right back home and right back to bed. Well, obviously that didn’t happen. So when I got home, I had a glorious 2 1/2 hours to sit at my computer, enjoy some coffee in peace and quiet before my son woke up.

I also did some more light cleaning, as I wasn’t feeling well. Getting up so early tends to result in my stomach acting funny all day – side effect of my meds I guess. My son took a rather long nap yesterday because, well, he’d had a rather full and active day. This resulted, as it usually does when he sleeps longer than 1 hour for a nap, in him staying up as late as he could last night. Usually not that big of a deal really. But my mom had come in earlier in the evening to tell me her boss had called. One of the residents she looks after was in the hospital and no one working the morning shift was willing to go sit with her (mom and her boss seem to the only people that actually care about this particular resident, which is fucking sad given there’s a whole house full of staff and nurses. But they all absolutely HATE this poor woman.) So my mom was like “my car won’t make it that far, you know that.” And her boss was like “That’s why you’re taking the company van, in case she gets released and sent home, you’ll be able to get her back safely. I’d never expecr you to use your own car for things like this.”

Anyway, she had to be at work by 8AM, and I had a doctor’s appointment for bloodwork this morning at 9AM that I couldn’t reschedule. So… the only solution? I had to get up at 6:45AM, get dressed, chug plenty of water and do some cardio to make sure my veins would be nice and plump for the lab tech when I went in today. I’m a hard stick, and this one arm used to be the PERFECT spot, but due to a side effect of an old eczema treatment the skin there is very thin and rips easily. All attempts to stick in an IV or draw blood leaves my entire arm bruised up and it is extremely painful for me now. And since it’s my left arm, and I’m left handed, I prefer not to render my dominant arm and hand useless for a time.

Anyway, so the bloodwork I had to get done required I not eat for approximately 10 hours, save for drining black coffee or water and my medications. We left at 7:30AM so that we could account for having to stop behind school busses and such on the way to her work. I went to the grocery store immediately after and was at my doctor’s office 15 minutes early. After about an hour and a half at the doctor’s, I was finally released out into the wild. The first thing I wanted to do was eat breakfast. And I had a hankering for tacos. So, since Taco Bell is on my way home, I decided to pop in, actually eat there instead of hitting up the drive through, and have my breakfast. By this time it’s around 10:30-ish AM. And I’m standing there looking at the menu and I’m like “What? Where’s…. What? What is this? Eggs? Bacon? But…. but this is Taco Bell.”

I got a number 17, the Breakfast Crunch Wrap, and since during breakfast hours you can also get stuff off the regular menu I got 3 crunchy taco supremes. It was fucking glorious.

Why have I never heard of the Taco Bell breakfast menu before? Like all this time, I could have gotten breakfast there instead of settling for a chicken biscuit, or a sausage egg ‘n cheese mcmuffin when really I just wanted a decent breakfast burrito.

I’ll have to get up early enough in the mornings to go back. Maybe budget out a weekly trip before my therapy appointments now that they’ve been moved to Thursday mornings due to mom’s shift change at work.

Either way, I highly suggest the breakfast version of the crunch wrap, with bacon. It was the best damn thing I’ve ever eaten at any Taco Bell. And trust me, I’ve eaten a A LOT of them.


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