As I sit here tonight, my heart aches with worry. Worry for my dearest friends who live in Florida. Worry for the two sisters and the family members in Florida that refuse to speak to me. Worry for the ones that do. Absolute fear for my husband’s best friend and his family – they live on the 25th floor of an appartment building on the island of Aventura, FL.

I’m Georgia raised, but Florida born. And I’ve been through my fair share of hurricanes, waterspouts, tropical storms, and tropical depressions. But not like what’s hitting now. Hurricane Matthew’s already got a damn high death toll in Haiti (over 100 reported dead already. And that’s just the ones they know about). This is the worst hurricane since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The worst hurricane in 24 years. It wasn’t unti the mid 2000s that Florida could truly say it had recovered from Andrew’s landfall.

Pray for Florida tonight. Pray for the families. For the firends. For the people. Their pets. The wildlife. The beauty that is Florida. And keep praying in the aftermath. Call out to whatever god or gods you serve, be it God or Zeus or the flying speghetti monster. Ask, beg, plead for Florida’s safety.


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