“Oh wow. You actually believe in that stuff?”

Sometimes, I get so busy and caught up in my family, my life, and my projects that I forget my town is a small one. And like most small towns in the rural US, there’s a church on nearly every corner, nearly every street. I drive by so many in my weekly errands that they just kind of all blend into the background really.

But I was reminded Monday that my town is very much a Christian town. Not that I have anything against Christians or their religion. I’m one of those live and let live pagans. You do you, I do me, and generally just don’t be dicks to each other, y’know.

I was standing in the electronics department at Walmart looking at DVDs (trying to remember if the Evil Dead movie I already owned was the first one or the second one, and trying to figure out which one it was because both were $5, but I didn’t want to accidentally double up) when I hear a semi-familiar voice go “Zuli?”

So, without even looking up from the Bruce Campbell classics in my hands, I simply said “Yeah? What?”

Turns out it was a guy I went to school with ages ago, before I moved to Florida. I’d grown up going to the same schools, sometimes having the same teachers and classes as this guy. And to this day I’ve NEVER seen him without a baseball cap on. Anyway, we got to chatting a bit. THe obligatory “Oh wow, I haven’t seen you in years. How’ve you been? I thought you moved away-” etc. But the conversation took an interresting turn when we chatted about jobs we’d each had between highschool and now. I’d said I was currently a homemaker, working towards getting disability due to my back, but if that falls through then I’m working on building up a small local business as a tarot reader.

“Oh wow. So, you believe in all that stuff then? Isn’t all that psychic stuff fake or the devil or something?”

The question hit me harder than usual. I did surprise myself though, with my own response. I didn’t even think about it before simply answering back “Just as real as burning bushes and big bearded dudes hanging out in the clouds. It’s all the same, we just take different routes to get there.”

The end result? After he was reassured I wasn’t a devil worshiper, I gave him my card, told him I do online readings, am considering doing Skype readings further down the road, accept all major credit cards through Paypal, and am available for parties (minimum of 5 people). $15 per person that wants a reading. $20 per person if it’s out of town (due to gas costs). $30 if it’s in Atlanta (due to gas plus traffic). He gave me his number. We traded Facebooks. He said he’d think about it for holiday parties and stuff. Said he’d tell one of our other old mutual friends who’s “into all that weird stuff now, too” about me so maybe we could reconnect and talk about all our “weird stuff”, and I went back to trying to figure out which DVD it was i already owned.

I bought Army of Darkness (because I didn’t have my copy anymore), and Evil Dead 2. Turns out I already had Evil Dead 2, so I need to return it and exchange it for Evil Dead 1 next time I’m at Walmart (probably next week).


2 responses to ““Oh wow. You actually believe in that stuff?”

    • Yeah. It might have just been him being polite. He was always such a nice kid back in school. Super sweet to everyone, especially the kids that got bullied a lot, so it wouldn’t be out of the norm for him. Either way, he put me in contact with another old school friend who is a lot like me. We’ve been catching up via e-mail about life and stuff. So I call that a win!

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