Post Vacation and I’ve got the Flu.

At least, I think it’s the flu. It’s got all the classic symptoms. I started showing signs Tuesday night, but there was too much to do. I ain’t got time to be sick. Then on Wednesday, I forget what it was I had to do that day. But that day was when the headache set in. Yesterday I woke up feeling just awful. But my son had a doctor’s appointment that had been set up 6 months ago and I’d forgotten all about it. So I was NOT going to reschedule. I took my darling husband along since I also can’t handle getting my kid in and out of the car seat with my back the way that it is right now. Throughout the day, I got progressively worse. So I looked to see if we had any cold and flu meds. All we had was that lemon flavorted powder drink stuff that I despise. But I was not about to go out to the store after already having had to drive one town over to my son’s doctor’s.

My son’s fine, by the way. It was just a well-child check up. He goes once every 6 months.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling just absolutely wretched. It got worse as the day wore on until this morning, I’m achey, cranky, mega congested and just all around feeling blah. And the worst of it is – I think I’ve given it to my son, too. He woke up this morning and puked – it was all drainage. I’ll be stocking up on grape and orange juice when I go out to pick up cold meds today.

Aside from getting sick, I’ve been working on my tarot reading site the past few days. I had been unable to work on it this entire time because the Cloudbook kept feezing when I would try to work on it. The website design program that opens in the browser was just too powerful and needed so much memory to open that I couldn’t do a damn thing. No matter what browser I used to open it. So I’ve been tweeking it the last few days as well.

Anyway, since I’m feeling so crappy today, I think instead of doing anything super time consuming, I’m likely to play an idle clicker game, watch some Youtube, and maybe read some more of the book I bought last Sunday.


2 responses to “Post Vacation and I’ve got the Flu.

    • Butter Guy. I hope I bump into him again next year because that entire situation was so surreal. It was insanely funny!

      Yeah, my son’s now caught what I’ve got. Thankfully he’s sleeping fine right now. Keeps coughing in his sleep, but I’ve got all his favorite pillow pets on his bed to prop him up with. Also, Kroger had a bunch of baby and toddler stuff on clearance so I was able to stock up on Boogie Blaster (basically saline nose spray that comes in a more convenient container for dealing with squirming babies and toddlers) and I’ve always wanted to try the Boogie Wipes (same company. Makes wet wipes with saline to help break up the crust on the outside of the nose a bit easier than dry tissues do.) AND a new toothbrush/toothpaste combo which he’s been needing anyway.

      Unfortunately most cold medicines for children are for ages 4 and up, and he’s only 2 1/2. If he gets worse I’ll call his doctor’s Nurse Line to see what they suggest.


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