Atlanta Vacation: Day 4

So today I was going to go to the aquarium. Well, I had to choose between paying for ticket or buying stuff at a shop husband wanted to take me to. So I decided to shop instead, because the store and the area it’s in is very important to him, and it’s important to him that I like it.

I bought a book, some incense, a keychain, some dragon’s blood resin, and a cute Star Wars shirt for my son.

And husband bought me the cutest little necklace!


We had lunch at a place called the Euclid Street Yacht Club. It’s a bar, and no one under 18 can get in. They had tater tots that were so good I want to incorporate them into a new burger based religion.

We’ll be checking out tomorrow morning and heading home. I didn’t get a ton of pics, but I sure did get a LOT of walking in. My legs feel so fucking tight and sore. Wish we had a hot tub at this hotel, but we don’t.

The pool was finally opened back up today, and I did get to go swimming. It felt so good on my joints and my back! It was wonderful! And my bathing suit fit me so well. I didn’t feel embarassed or anything.

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