Atlanta Vacation: Day 3

Didn’t do much today. Slept in late. Watched Harry Potter movies all day. Didn’t make it to the park, and got lost on my way to Subway. Thankfully I’d gone in a full circle around the block and ended up back at the hotel.

Had a quiet evening in since the pool is closed until tomorrow for cleaning. Had some much needed cuddle time with my hubby. We had dinner together while watching The Big Bang Theory. The burgers from the bar downstairs are really good. He had left-over wings from Hooters last night.

Our roomies are at a rave tonight, so I’m sittin here with the TV on Cartoon Network right now, just chillin and doing computer maintenence.

I’ve needed this quiet time away. I’ve noticed that after the first day and a half, without the stress of my day to day life hovering over me, I haven’t been in as much pain as I had been. Plus the hotel bed is firmer than the one at home. And larger, so there’s enough room for both me and my husband.

Back home my son’s doing well with his granny, too. I must confess though. I did put Spongebob on earlier because it feels so weird going 24 hours without hearing that damned theme song!

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