Atlanta Vacation: Day 1

So husband goes to DragonCon. I don’t. Mom said if I didn’t go, she wouldn’t help me with my toddler age son. So, here I am in Atlanta. Not exactly ideal for my anxiety – I don’t live in a big city for a reason. So while he’s busy with the convention, I plan to do some sight seeing. We are right across the street from the Atlanta Aquarium, and I am definately going to go check that out. Also a short walk to Centenial Park, another sight I want to see (in the daylight).

We got into town around 3 something. Parking is hell. Paid an unplanned $26 (20 of which was my trip cash) for parking overnight – and it’s not even our car. Husband’s friend picked us up – so I guess that’s payment for the ride then? Anyway the room is nice but unfortunately in order to afford to make the trip, we’re rooming with 5 other people. Husband made sure we get one of the 2 beds though, because he organized the trip and I have my bad knees and now bad back. Most of the people we’re rooming with are pretty cool though. They are super nice. I wouldn’t mind if we roomed with them again every year. They are so nice and helpful. Well, I said most because there’s this one guy… he’s nice and all – but he smells horribly. I told husband I really don’t want to end up rooming with him again.

Our hotel even has free breakfast, super fast wifi (thank the gods), a very nice swimming pool, and the bar is open for dinner from 5pm-10pm.

I’m exhausted right now, so I’m gonna curl up with a book I brought and get to sleep.


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