At last! At last! I have my computer again! (Farewell, Cloudbook)

Once again, I have my beloved TARDIS blue HP Notebook. Complete with it’s quirky sticky keys and the slightly weird webcam and it’s 2-3 hours of battery life requiring me to keep it plugged in most of the time.

I have missed it terribly. And yet, I find that i keep searching for button placements that don’t exist on it. I keep trying to hit a button only to discover it’s the opposite of what it was on the Cloudbook. Regardless, I missed my beast of a laptop. It keeps my arthritic knees warm.

Now that I have my beloved HP back, I was struck with the question of what to do with the Cloudbook, as my need for it was now passed. I had decided to use the Cloudbook as a travel computer due to it’s lighter weight. Then this morning my mom mentioned that she’s going to have to replace her own laptop soon. And honestly, her laptop is a piece of crap. Out of the 6 USB ports it has, only 1 now works. Despite having built-in wifi (with the correct drivers) she has to use either an Ethernet cable or an adapter stick (through the only working USB port). So, without telling her, I pulled all of my stuff off it and reset the computer to factory settings. Then I completely removed the device from my windows/Microsoft accounts and took it to her when it needed an e-mail and password for creating a new Microsoft account. I told her that since she paid for it and it was always meant to be a temporary computer for me anyway, she might as well use it until she saves up enough to get something she wants. Plus I told her we can get various memory cards and such to add more file storage to the thing because the built-in memory and RAM are absolute shit. She said once she gets something she wants when taxes come in next year, she’ll give me the Cloudbook back so I can use it as a travel computer.

Later this week I’ll be heading into Atlanta with my husband. He’s going to attend DragonCon. I’m pretty much just going to be sleeping most of the time and taking it easy on my back. When I’m not sleeping I’ll be off taking photos of a few areas for my novel research.

I still would not recommend buying the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14. It’s a glorified paperweight that won’t install any other operating system than Windows 10.


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