Say So Long Acer Cloudbook?

Well, we FINALLY got the thermal paste needed to work on my HP laptop. Husband worked on it today, and hopefully the cooling fan is 100% fixed (though I do have some reservations – namely because the fan itself, out of the box, was a noisy one to begin with.) Going to let the rig run, plugged in, for a few hours. I needs it’s normal updates anyway.

I’m still going to be on the Cloudbook until I’m 100% sure that my HP is definately fixed. If it is, then I’ll be wiping the Cloudbook of all my info, and letting it sit and be used as the “backup computer” for people. But it’ll likely end up bein used by my mom. (Which really sucks because she hates Windows 10, and will eat through the memory super fast with all the stupid crap she does online. PLUS the way Windows10 is, I can’t just change ownership like I used to be able to do easy with windows XP and earlier.

Well that’s it for today. Having a slow blah kinda day while still adjusting my meds.


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