When Lifting (heavy children) Lift From the Knees

On Wednesday my son and I went to our appointment at the WiC office here at our local health department. It was his usual Health Check (HC) where normally they check his weight, height, head size, iron levels, etc. This time all they checked were his height and weight. Thankfully he’s big enough now they let him stand up to get his height and stand on the big boy scale! And no iron check. This was a bonus.

My son is now just over 3 feet tall and weighs 38.9lbs. While this seems like holy jesus he’s fat, he’s actually not. He is above the “percentile” especially when adjusted for his pre-maturity. But the kid is active as hell (except today. Today he’s decided to just chill in bed all day. He’s not sick, he just wants to cuddle his duck pillow and watch Sesame Street all morning) – he’s just really BIG for his age. Bigger and taller than most 2 1/2 year olds. And a good number of 3 and 4 year olds we see at the library a lot. – The point is, even the Health Department is like “holy shit this kid is huge!” and deemed absolutely healthy. Right down to his teeth. – I’m rather proud of this, as I don’t let him have a lot of junk.

So, that was Wednesday. Thursday we spent the day just chilling out. And yesterday… yesterday we WERE going to go grocery shopping… Until I saw him yank his diaper off, and about to piss the floor. I ran over, scooped him up with the intent of putting him on his potty which was across the room (as he’s currently potty training). And… halfway there my back went out. I’ve been pretty much immobile ever since. Though, I did go the rest of the way to the potty with him. Plopped him down and then fell into a chair screaming out for my husband to come help. My back hasn’t felt like this in quite some time.

I’m going to take my pain meds, hope I can ride out the weekend, and then see my doctor on Monday.

But now I know – when lifting heavy children, always lift from the knees.

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