After a bit of time management trouble the last few days…

I FINALLY managed to get chapter 3 of my novel outlined! Followed quickly by chapter 4! I almost started on chapter 5, but I’m waffling between 2 potential starter scenes to kick off the first turning point. I’m using the W-Plot Model, and mixing in a bit of the 4 Act Dramatica model as well. This breaks the traditional Act 2 section into 2 parts, making it a little easier to tackle such a huge section of the book. Leaving the resolution for act 4 rather than act 3. (Further explanation found in the link there that says W-Plot Model.)

But things have been a big hectic recently. I threw my back out earlier today (is it still today? Okay, technically as I write this it is nearly 3AM on Monday, but I threw my back out on what is technically yesterday) and have not been able to both work on the book and watch my son at the same time. My husband was up since 5:30-ish AM because my son got up at 2:30-ishAM and I slept all evening and woke up not long before my son did so I could go pee. Well, son didn’t want to go back to sleep because he’d had a nice long sleep after dinner the previous (Saturday) night. Husband didn’t crawl into bed until around 1AM or so, and so he was out cold.

So I watched the kid till 5:30-ish when I was just about to pass out from exhaustion. I did pass out from exhaustion around 6 or so. Son followed suit around 6:30 (so I am told). And then my husband couldn’t get back to sleep because he was by that time full of coffee and wired.

And that was just yesterday/last night/this morning. My son this time didn’t fall asleep until around 1:30AM so….. yeah. It’s been an odd few days. And before that, I didn’t have time to stop and write simply because I had a LOT of random household related errands and such to do. And here I am, the clock now reading 3:03AM on Monday morning unable to sleep and have to get up again at 9:30, feed the kid, get him ready for his weekly session with our early development worker AND his monthly session with his O.T. only for me to then rush to the laundromat, then my appointment, THEN the grocery to pick up my meds and my mom’s meds, and THEN back home hopefully before 5:30PM so I can make dinner.

Let’s hope I can get to sleep soon!

But hey, I still managed to bang out 2 chapters for my novel outline and that brings me to the start of Act 2 in my plot development so WOO!


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