Sit patiently (for long enough and your enemies will float right by)

Today we had a visit from the GA Department of Corrections.

This is not an unusual occurrence, as my husband is on probation and we get the contact visit twice a month or so. (It used to be once a month, but office policies changed a few months back. No biggie, since husband always makes sure to keep in contact with his P.O. whenever things change or even when neighbors cause trouble, that way he’s up to date on everything. They like us there – my husband’s one of the few honest ones they have to deal with.)

Anyway, a visit from GA DCS is not unusual. Even speaking with another officer who isn’t my husband’s normal P.O. is not unusual, as we’re familiar with most of them, and know that sometimes another officer has to cover a work load due to special assignments, emergencies, and even vacations. So when it wasn’t the usual officer at the door, I thought nothing of it. Called my husband out to the porch, and was about to leave them to it.. Until the officer said he wasn’t there for my husband. I did a double take, and this is where it gets a bit….. well, funny in a way to be honest.

See, for those of you who were following along my blog this time last year, I had a sister living with me. Long story short for you new folks, it started out okay. And it went south fast. To the point we were forced to have to evict her through a legal court eviction if she did not leave on her own. She ended up leaving on her own provided we paid for a moving truck and moved it for her. She hadn’t counted on me talking to our landlord to get a week’s extention on the rent (because yes, the landlord was fully aware of the situation, and had been helping me know what my options were, and were more than happy to help us. We’re good renters and they never have a problem from us unless it’s legit safety issues. So they like to help us out sometimes to keep us in a house that was vacant for nearly 3 years) in order to afford the truck. Landlord had no problem and even offered to hire movers for us so we wouldn’t be responsible for her stuff if it all broke. Unfortunately, part of the deal of her leaving quietly was we had to move it, no movers. Desperation will agree to nearly any solution when it’s bleak enough.

Regardless, we got her out of my house last year. A week later my dad died, so my mom stopped by her motel room to tell her. And that was the last contact any of us in my house had with her…

Until today. By way of her probation officer.

See, my sister isn’t just on probation. She’s on probation, plus has to pay reparations $5 each time. PLUS she has to check in every week on Tuesday by phone or in person.

Well guess what she didn’t do. And then didn’t do again. And again.

Now, lets meander for a moment to an earlier, but relevent and related event in this past week. I was minding my own business on Facebook, scrolling through my feed as I do, and I noticed something odd and it caught me by surprise. So, I scrolled back up to see what it was, and to ensure that it was indeed what I thought. Lo and behold, pictures of my sister. Sunburned. Now, I was surprised by this for 2 reasons. The first of which being that I know for a fact I have blocked her accounts, but then again she is always making new ones with fake names left and right. So I shouldn’t have been surprised I missed one or two. But second… she wasn’t the one who posted them. It was someone else on my friend’s list. A woman who, when my sister was kicked out last year, had learned the truth of the situation because rather than straight up believe her – she asked me about it. And then I gave the woman some hard truths to swallow, and she understood that my sister is, quite literally and I do not use these words lightly, a very cruel, vile, psychotic and purely evil creature.

And yet, this woman, who discovered my sister was trying to persuade her husband to cheat on her with my sister…. has now posted pictures of her on her Facebook timeline as if nothing had ever happened. Well, my sister, as she does, just had to make herself known on the post in the comments and so I found yet another of her profiles and blocked it before she could see mine. And then, without another word, I unfriended this woman and blocked her. And prayed that her children are spared my sister’s wrath.

Now, I bring this up because, as happens when people post to Facebook using their mobile phones – the FB post also showed the location of where the post was made/pictures taken. Savannah, GA.

So guess what information I had for my sister’s rather nice and understanding probation officer… Yup. Briefly, my husband and I summed up what happened last year and he agreed that the best option we had was to get her out of our home for our own sanity and safety, especially with a child in the home. He then asked when we last saw her. I told him the date and roughly the time, and where I’d dropped off her and her stuff, and even the room number of the motel she was in at that time. Then, I told him the last person in our household who had seen her was my mother, who went by there about a week later to let her know our dad died. Since then, we’ve not seen her.

And then, I dropped a bombshell on him that I wasn’t expecting him to be surprised by. I told him that she’d been in the county lock up recently, but I didn’t know for sure why. Just that it said probation violation. And she’d been in there through most of March, all of April (spending her birthday behind bars) and for a good sized portion of May. And that I knew this because it was on the jail roster report online – which I check from time to time for other in-laws to see if they’re keeping out of trouble.

He was not aware that my sister had been in jail, let alone for a probation violation.

We wished him well, apologized for not having more information. He apologized for bothering us, because our address was her last known on record. And we all wished each other a good evening.

After this happened, and even now writing this, I feel some form of vindication for the suffering and the stress and the fear she put us through. See, she’s skipped town for quite a while now, and we, her next of kin have no clue what’s going on or where she is. As a matter of fact, we couldn’t even be completely sure she was still alive at this point until the visit today.

In all liklihood, she’ll be found and picked up, extradited from Savannah to Bartow, and then locked up until they decide what to do with her. Because that’s pretty much what happens when you violate your probation and end up with a felony warrant out for your arrest.

Only time will really tell, but for now I’ll do what I’ve been doing for quite some time now. I’ll sit back, sip my tea, and wait for the bodies of my enemies to float down the river past me, victims of their own actions and crimes.



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