Video Ramble: Stepping Stones Scandal and Hecatean Coven Scam

Between May 15th and the time I made the below video, I was looking into a woman and her “organization” which she set up with the intent of helping abused women and their children. A very noble cause, and one that I personally support. However, there were so many red flags from the start, and it was very troubling.

All information and documents referenced were found legally and were free to the public. The intent of my video is not to attack or deliberately harm nor was it made in malice. My intent is to warn and inform people at risk of further abuse and harm of a danger within the pagan community for them to avoid if at all possible.

I rarely ever do this, but here’s a warning:

The below video discusses abuse, and abuse of children. Not in great detail – as I did my best to stay away from the details in order to remain objective. If discussion of that nature upsets you, then please skip the video and go to the paragraphs below it where I have tried to spare specifics and provide a general detail of events.

In December of 2015, on Facebook, a woman was accused of scamming people in her coven. This morphed later on into the same woman starting a business with the goal to help abused women and their children. This is a good cause. However, a friend of mine was asked to look over some paperwork and to help advise setting up non-profit organizations – since she has experience with that kind of thing. My friend did not offer, she was approached and asked. My friend read over the Charter that they had at the time, but wanted a second opinion. She gave a copy to me to look over to see if I noticed anything. The Charter appeared very unprofessional – not surprising for people who’ve never written one before – but it also came across as not only poorly written but contradictory of itself repeatedly. So, I told my friend to give me about 2 days. I wanted to look into both the organization/business as well as the people involved. I did not want my friend to get caught up in something that might be shady. At worst I expected to find people who had no clue what they were doing, but were too egotistical to accept it as well as proper help, or people who had no clue and didn’t even know where to begin with getting set up. What I found instead deepened the rabbit hole.

I turned around and brought my concerns to a group of people who though I am not personally friends with, are trustworthy and only seek to help make the community safer, as well as help protect others against scammers, frauds, and outright predators. It was among this group of people that I learned the woman leading this “organization” was also popped for plagiarism not long before this point. So those of us with the time did more digging to see if this was a legitimate group/business or not. They claimed to already be a non-profit yet did not have the paperwork to show for it etc. We documented our findings. In the course of all of this, we discovered the scam from December, and reached out to the women who were the victims. Meanwhile, I and a few others were digging deeper into the people involved.

At this point we had documented evidence of breaking international copyright law, as well as interstate commerce law. Given that the “leader” had no qualms about such activities, it made sense to look and see if she had some kind of record. While she was clean, it came out that her husband was not. This is where the largest red flag of them all came front and center.

See, the woman behind it all was going to be running a women’s abuse shelter out of her home. They would be coming to stay with her. Maybe for a night, maybe for a week. Don’t know. She was actively trying to get someone to come move in with her to help remodel her home and build onto the property for this project. Now, when looking into this woman’s background, she has cited that she was abused before. She did in fact divorce her current husband, and he was at that time housed in the county jail for an unspecified period of time during the divorce. Because he was housed at the jail at the time, and the details showed that she had a restraining order against him during that time, people looked deeper. Thinking that perhaps he was picked up for domestic violence.

What was discovered instead was what made the red flag be the largest in the hill. He had been picked up roughly 2 weeks prior to the start of divorce proceedings for failure to register as a sex offender within 5 days. Generally this is “within 5 days of move” meaning when you move house and you are on the registry, you must notify them and register your new address within a certain amount of time. OR depending on the restrictions placed by the state, every so many months or weeks, one must register their address whether they have moved or not. The restrictions vary from state to state. The fact remains – whatever the circumstance, he failed to follow this rule and was arrested for it.

This would not be of note, had it not been for the fact that 4 years later they reconciled and a year after that remarried. And they have remained married ever since. Fearing that this information may not be accurate, a photograph of the gentleman referenced in the information  was found. It was shown to individuals who have met both him and his wife in person. He was positively identified twice by 2 separate individuals. One whom spent 2 weeks in their home, the other who had both the woman her husband in her own home for a week.

Once again, this would not have been of note, had it not been for the fact that the gentleman would be living under the same roof as a shelter intended for abused women and their children who are seeking safety.

At that point the woman in question turned around and rather than try and explain the situation (perhaps having just the office in her home but perhaps the actual shelter at another location, etc.) she attempted to fake her death. She was, of course, caught out on this because as she was meant to be in the hospital looking death straight in the eyes and waiting for the end to finally come, she was chatting it up like nothing was going on with others.

At that point, the general consensus was made to write up a document and put the word out to avoid her and her organization whenever possible, as she was untrustworthy and had a history of taking advantage of people. Coupled with the fact that her connection to a sex offender could put women who seek shelter with her at risk.

It was after this warning file was created that more information came to light about the gentleman whom will be living under the same roof as the shelter. It was…. it is…. very disturbing. Without going into great detail, the information that was brought to our attention involved the sexual abuse of children, and not just one incident, but incidents confessed to dating all the way back to 1979, some of which had been done while the gentleman was on a tour of duty with one of the US military branches.

It was at this point, when such information came to light, that I decided to do the above video. It was also at that point the woman who had started this “organization” began erasing her tracks. She deleted her coven’s web forum where they posted their assignments/book of shadows, etc. She then “moved” the coven group (which had been turned into a buy/sell/trade group under a different name) by setting it to secret. The Facebook page set up for the “organization” was either shut down and hidden or deleted. (At this time, we do not know which.) – However, the group itself still exists, it is only hidden from view.

All of this started with a poorly written Charter and a friend wanting a second opinion. It morphed into what you see here.


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