Why I’ve Been Not-Blogging Recently.

A good friend of mine on Facebook approached me back in mid May with a very troubling concern she had. It involved a woman wanting to open an abused women’s shelter. That in and of itself is a very noble cause. But my friend felt something just didn’t seem quite right with the situation. She gave me a copy of their bylaws, as they had intended to become a non-profit organization, and asked me to give them a look over. When I did, the entire document seemed…. odd. So I looked further into it. I checked out the people involved. It turns out the main person was a known scammer in the Facebook pagan community.

When the woman was presented with this information, the situation became very hostile and troubling. Red flags started popping up everywhere. So I’ve spent this time researching her, and everyone involved in the endeavor and what I found not only has me troubled, but frightened for anyone who gets taken in by this woman and her group.

The long and short of it is, she’s attempting to run an ad-hock abused women’s shelter out of her own home – again a very noble cause – but is doing so with a sex offender in residence, one who has a proven record of violence against women as well as being this woman’s own abuser. There’s no way this is going to work.

And… so… I got to work. Compiling evidence. See, I honestly don’t wish this woman any ill will. She saw a need, and sought to fill it. However, when it comes to abuse, and abused women and children, in my humble opinion their safety and health must come first. Not just physical, but emotional and psychological as well. I’ll be doing a youtube video sometime in the next few days about this. I will, of course, post it and any relevant information here as well.

But yeah, that’s why I’ve not posted anything for a good while. I’ve been dealing with something that I feel is far more important.


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