Just… Stuff.

I finally completed a fanfic project. Sort of. It was more of a re-write/re-format sort of thing. I took some of my character notes and an outline and restructured it into a more story-like format. Then posted it up on Fanfiction.net and AO3. It was a very short one as well – only 5 parts. But it got me to thinking, what if I did that with more of my notes/outlines? Short little bits and made them into a Supplementary Collection. Because really it’s not information that one NEEDS to know to follow the story, just background information and ideas to draw from for scenes and plots.

In other news, haven’t had any more trouble out of the Cloudbook since I went and tinkered with the Powershell. I’ll dig up the link I found the info on that in case anyone else might need it. Finances this month were tighter than expected, so I had to put off getting the thermal paste to fix my other laptop. So I’m on the Cloudbook a little longer.


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