Ah yes. Hello Stress.


It’s not something I’ve been able to do a lot of lately. With the Georgia heat hitting me harder than most years already, and chasing a very curious and enterprising toddler around, I just haven’t had the time. Nor the patience and energy. It takes everything I have most days just to keep up with the squirt.

By the time I’ve got a few moments to scribble down some thoughts, I fall asleep! Usually. When it’s nights like tonight though, I’m awake and trying to find distractions. The pain in my knee is getting to me, and now the right shoulder has started to kick in. My lower back has been giving me issues again as well.

All of that, on top of daily cluster headaches that strike at 12:30PM and last until close to 8PM. Sometimes I get hammered down by a migraine either right before or right after it. Sometimes both. Sometimes not at all. Blood pressure’s perfectly fine, and all the odds and ends that doctors like to poke and prod for are in the normal ranges (save for the deteriorating state of my knee and the few millimeters angle that my tailbone now sits at).

I’ve thought for a while now to get a handheld digital recorder and just keep it in the pocket of my shorts, or just nearby during the day. That way when I have an idea I can just hit record, say it, then play it back later on when I’ve got the time to properly sit down and write. Unfortunately, the funds just aren’t there at the moment as we’re heading into the last stretch of spring before the summer kicks up. We’re going to have 2 air conditioners this year instead of just the 1, and we’re also considering buying a new washing machine as well. Not to mention some car issues that need dealing with. Plus side – we’re going to make another go at potty training soon, so any money saved from diapers after that will be put aside for bills (and scraping some together to save up for a new laptop for my husband – so long as my old one can get fixed that is).

In the meantime, I’ve just been trying to text/email myself, and snap pictures while I’m out and about of the things that give me the ideas. It’s worked out okay so far, I guess. If I can remember to take the pictures that is!

It’s just been a really stressful time for me lately, what with the health stuff poking it’s ugly head up again, and the TARDIS (my main laptop – don’t’ judge me it’s called that because it’s a big blue box okay) is dead in the water at the moment, thus halting every single project I was working on with my book writing, fanfic writing, digital art, and my business site. (The website service I use doesn’t load properly on this rig and times out every time I try.) Then there’s just the problems with trying to straighten out my current rig (the Acer Cloudbook that no one should ever, ever buy!) and Windows 10 in general (don’t ever upgrade kids!). ALL OF THAT on top of just my regular daily activities of home maker and toddler wrangler.

Hell, half the time I sit down to write a post, I just give up before putting in a sentence and head over to Youtube because I’m just that exhausted by the end of the day lately. Hopefully it’ll all work out and settle down, but until then it’s frustrating as hell trying to remember the ideas I have that for one reason or another I couldn’t scribble down before they were lost.


2 responses to “Ah yes. Hello Stress.

  1. It does seem like at time life likes to throw a series of bad cards one’s way all at once. Hopefully that means a series of good cards will be being dealt soon enough as well.


    • Well, I did have a pretty good mother’s day, so I’m hoping it’s a sign I’m gonna have a decent week. 🙂


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