Rebuilding Neighborly Bridges and Air Conditioning Woes

As the North Georgia heat climbs, the need for air conditioners and box fans rises. We finally had to give in and put our air conditioner back in the window yesterday. But first, cracking it open to make sure the inside was clean, bug free (our house has lots of spiders), and most importantly – mold and mildew free.

Best way to do it is use a combination of a bleach based cleaner and a water hose. We don’t even have an outside hook up for a hose, so this is also a time to help rebuild neighbor relations that broke down due to the asshole that alienated us from everyone else. I’ve been working really hard on that front with one neighbor and his family who have lots of adorable little grand-babies, as my son’s going to need some kids his own age to play outside with. While religiously, we don’t see eye to eye, they’ve been very polite and respectful, even trying to find common ground with me and my family when it was clear that thank you, but we’re not interested in attending their church. I told them if I ever meet someone I think is in need though, I’d be more than happy to send them their way for help or guidance. It’s just what I do. Me and those neighbors are getting along so well now that when my car breaks down, they’ll give me a lift anywhere local I need to go. When their car breaks down, same thing here (unless both our cars break down! It’s happened before!)

So husband has been trying to re-establish neighborly ties with the remaining family of the asshole who died last year. It’s been rocky, but welcome. Husband offers to help him with stuff, and recently, he’s offered to help husband with stuff. So, husband went over yesterday to ask if he could borrow his water hose, as we don’t have even a hookup for one, and he said sure.

And it’s not just us having to rebuild the neighborly vibe. A LOT of people on the street were alienated from one another due to that one guy. I know loss of life, no matter how or when it happens, but this guy’s death seems to have been the best thing to happen to this neighborhood since long before my family and I moved here.

Anyway, we got the air conditioner cleaned out, and put back together, and set in the window. Next, we wait for it to finish drying out, right? Well, sane people would do that. My husband? Not so much. He turned it on about 20 minutes after installing it, and it was fine… until suddenly it kept changing modes on it’s own. No, not turning on and off like with energy saver mode, but straight up switching fan settings, switching between cool and dry and fan mode. Once we got it turned off again (after a solid “I told you so” from me) we waited. After an hour husband again turned it on (against my judgement once again) and THIS TIME the unit didn’t even bother to give us a pretense of working. It kept power surging until finally staying on – but we couldn’t use energy saver mode because it would surge cycle again. He attempted to turn it off, but all it would do is beep at him and not turn off. Ultimately, it had to be unplugged (followed by another solid “I told you so” from me). I told him not to touch it again. Period. I was now in control of the A/C unit until further notice.

We sat with our box fans strategically arranged for optimum airflow through the house, and we waited. After four hours, I plugged it in, hit the little buttons on the plug itself (test and reset, sort of like a blow dryer) and turned it on. I put it on the cool setting. I adjusted the temperature setting so that it wouldn’t work too hard to cool us down. I let it run for about an hour, then I tested the dry setting. I let it run for about an hour. Then I shifted it to fan, and tested each of the 3 fan settings for 20 minutes. THEN and ONLY THEN did I put it on Energy Saver mode, and only because by now it was dark and starting to cool down for the night. So if we had to switch back to fans, it wouldn’t be too bad at this point.

And now, the A/C unit is working perfectly fine, with one last “I told you so” this morning. Now when I say to let something sit and wait, husband has agreed to at least consider the option. (Because y’know, he can’t just outright agree to common sense if it wasn’t HIS idea!)


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