Videos and assorted rambles.

I have decided to stick with the video making. Though I’m working on cutting down the length! Boy can I ramble! My longest vid is around 3 1/2 hours! Seriously!

Bright side, ACoW happening helped me shake off some writer’s block, have added a few more groovy people to my friends circle, and am actively looking into groups (at least on FB) for other pagans in Georgia. Found one, hope it works out as more than just another meme group. A few others look promising.

But in all honesty, I’ve learned things about myself through the entire ACoW kerfuffle. Such as I inspired someone to do radio! I had no idea until recently! And it’s someone who’s opinion I respect and enjoy reading, too. So hurrah!

As for the vids, they’ll retain their rambly nature (after all, I’m a rambler!) but I’m going to at least outline them for the things I want to talk about. Give it some kind of structure. I’m looking at doing a sort of 3-4 topic thing, and include readings of some of my stories. I was going to do one tonight, but I’m just physically exhausted and my shoulder/back/knees have been hurting all together tonight.


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