Last ACoW post (hopefully)

So the kerfuffe of ACoW has settled to a fizzle. And in the aftermath there are records and video commentaries and blurbs here and there. In the end, it was all down to delusions of grandeur by a 19-20 year old young man, and a 30-40 year old man who enabled them, and in doing so ended up falling even further into his own. Now ANYONE who talks common sense on the ACoW FB page are deleted and summarily blocked without a word or retaliation.

Gabby Song, the alter-ego of someone, continues to do her thing in near obscurity. Lazaro Rodriguez continues to deny pretty much any fact that is tossed his way. And the young man?… Well, who knows. Last I saw, he’s ready to graduate HS and get into tech school.

But there’s a lesson to be learned by all who got involved here. Truth will out. Own your words, even if they make you look like an asshole. And if you’re new to something it’s okay. But you don’t need to go busting in and declaring yourself practically as a god. And most importantly, Religion and Spirituality isn’t some accessory you can take on and off. It’s not a role playing game. And even the most attractive of people can be twisted and disgusting inside.


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