Poor blog, I have neglected you!

Long story short, there’s been a kerfuffle in Facebook Pagandom. And I’ve been keeping track. Oh boy have I been keeping track. So far there’s been…

A wannabe Rita Skeeter. A self-appointed Regent who’s actually looking like a super horrible cult leader. A FUCKING CULT FORMATION ATTEMPT. And some seriously sick people in the head trying to claim everyone who disagrees with them is a terrorist.

So yeah, a pretty typical week for pagans on Facebook.

Additionally, I can see what links/sites send people to this blog. So howdy ya’ll from Youtube land!


2 responses to “Poor blog, I have neglected you!

    • It has been quite a wild ride leading up to this point. I mean really wild. But yeah, there’s no faster way to get under my skin than to use religion for power grabs and cult-like movements.

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