ACOW (MOOOO!) Again. Again. And Again.

So recently I’ve done a series of videos. Where yes, I am openly an asshole. I’m not nice. And I swear. A LOT. I openly am mocking the “current” attempt at recreating the American Council of Witches (not to be confused with the original, for whom I have the utmost respect and gratitude for paving the way for many pagans and followers of alternative beliefs in our society today) and anyone who appear to be involved in it.

Amongst the ranting and ravings that are possibly on par with the ravings of Rev. Ronald French when he’s discussing Christian Day (seriously, you could turn those videos into a drinking game at this point), are rambling musings of how we can possibly achieve pagan unity in the greater community. And musings on why it’s impossible – at this time – to achieve it.

All of the open mockery, and pure amusement on my side of things, I have extended an olive branch to the most vocal supporters of the current version/attempt of ACOW. I have also been very open as to the nature of my videos. They are rude, they are crude, they are offensive, they are mudslinging, and I will not lie about them. I will stand by them. How can I not? It’s my face in the videos. I could have easily just turned it into straight up audio only, as I had last year. But this is something I feel strongly enough about, I WILL put my face to it. Regardless, I am willing to set aside my personal opinions on the matter, and my personal biases, and have a live on air video chat with the most vocal supporter, Gabby “Canary Feather” Song.

My intents with this offer are legitimately sincere. I only wish to now the truth, and get to the bottom of this rabbit hole. Whether my offer is taken up or not, I won’t be offended given the barbs, venom, and pure unadulterated hostility that has been traded back and forth on both sides of the situation. None of us have clean hands here. And to pretend otherwise would in fact be hypocritical. But, if Ms. Song is willing to set aside the childish personal attacks and vendetta long enough to just have a civil chat, “face to face” so to speak via video chat, then maybe we can salvage this kerfuffle and move past it, chalk it all up to a learning experience of what not to do, and hope that in the future such a situation doesn’t pop up again.

For anyone interests with about 6-7 hours to kill, here’s the playlist.


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