So. Easter happened! Around that time, and in the weeks leading up to it, I’m sure many people (especially on Facebook) saw memes decrying that Christians stole the holiday and other some-such nonsense that includes Ishtar, who has nothing at all to do with Easter even in the most broad and uninformed sense of the occasion. And true, my family is not Christian, but we still celebrate Easter. Not because Jesus rose from the tomb, or because of a pagan Goddess named Oestre, but because it’s a day when families get together, and kids have fun with giant bunnies and eggs. It’s a celebration of new life and spring, no matter what your belief or religion. As such, we dyed our eggs and hid our candy and my son got a visit from the Easter bunny.

I am very proud of my eggs this year. I got one of those super cheap kits with just the stickers and the dye (I refuse to spend more than $0.88 on a egg dye kit) and used my son’s broken crayon bits to decorate them before dropping them in the colors.

In other news, Flonase and I do not get along well, but I’m still using it because it’s making me breathe better. My son may have another ear infection  so I’ll be taking him in for a recheck sometime this week. And now my husband is sick with his twice a year bronchitis. And our bills are the lowest they’ve been in 2 years for this next month so I’m really happy about that. Good thing, too, because we need to replace our washing machine. It crapped out in the middle of a load last weekend. Thankfully, one of the local laundromats has a free dry with your wash on Tuesdays. I HATE that laundromat, but until we’ve got a new washer, it’ll be a huge money saver. Dropping my weekly trip down from $20+ for both wash and dry to $10 at the most for just wash. So long as I go during school hours, that laundromat is relatively less crowded than any other day of the week at that same time.


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