So I haven’t blogged recently. I’ve been ill (first a flu/cold combo, overlapped and followed immediately by allergies) and also taking care of others who are ill. Mom got pneumonia, my son got a double ear infection on top of bronchitis and allergies. So once I got THEM dealt with and to the doctors, it was my turn. Got myself in, nearly had ear infections but managed to get into the office before that happened. Chest full of gunk. Both my son and I are on Amoxil and Flonase. BLARGH!

Well, I’ve been fighting just to keep breathing lately, so haven’t really done much else than what’s been absolutely necessary. When I’ve had free time, when I wasn’t trying to catch up on lost sleep from coughing fits (both mine and my son’s) I’ve been trying to write.

We also had an oil change done on the car in the last 2 weeks. Found out that the last time I took it to Walmart they didn’t change out the oil filter, but charged me for it anyway! My mechanic was pissed. Not at me, but at Walmart. He gave me a discount on my oil change because of it. Around that time I also noticed one of the hoses on the car was messed up, and had him take a look. It was our power steering pressure line. It needed replacing. Found out that the line was original to the car (it’s amazing how many of the original parts are only now needing replacing! Most of it’s from simple wear and tear due to it’s age and regular use. It’s a good little old car!) Finally was able to get that replaced yesterday. NOW the air conditioner’s on the fritz. Probably just needs a shot of Freon at this point. Had the raditator replaced last year, alternator the year before that. Transmission’s still going strong. Waterpump’s still good, the AC/Heater belt’s still holding firm. Next thing we KNOW needs work is the back breaks. They’re not gonna go any time soon, but we know they need doing in the next few months so it’s next on the list.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been active on Tumblr, but mainly in the “I’m one of the admins on this blog, so I kinda have to be active some” type of situation.

I hate being sick. And I hate Flonase. But hey, at least it’s helping me to breathe.


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