Ugh. Worldbuilding.

I used to enjoy worldbuilding. It was my favorite part of writing for many years. In a lot of my writing in the past, I’d made very strong worlds, and characters. Plots – not so much. But the worlds the stories took place in were solid as rocks, and worked well with nearly anything I could throw at it.

Unfortunately now, not so much. I’ve attempted to recycle 2 worlds I’ve build for writing, but I just can’t come up with a compelling story to tell in them that doesn’t sound like a hack job.

So, I’ve decided to start from scratch on that end. And it’s soooooooo arduous and painstaking. I have been finding myself putting it off repeatedly. I’ve been trying different methods, both quick and easy as well as detail heavy and lengthy. But I keep drawing a blank. And it’s getting truly annoying. I have so many ideas, but they all conflict and couldn’t possibly coexist even in a fantasy setting. It’s so frustrating.

Therefore, I’ve decided to stop worldbuilding and focus on character building. As luck would have it, during a random google search for worldbuilding resources I came across an old fashioned RPG from my youth, one that had always inspired me to push my creative limits. The world of Rhy’din. So I’ve signed up for it’s current incarnation as a forum and chat based roleplay website, and we’ll see how this goes. This will, I hope, put me back in the writing groove outside of fanfiction and the like.


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